He bade the hirsute half-breed rodent/ape once before a fond farewell; that was in 2014 when Bandar bin Sultaan (a/k/a bin Shaytaan) was sacked as head of Saudi Arabia’s ineptly and inaptly-named “General Intelligence Bureau” by his now putrescent, decomposing simian uncle, King ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdul-‘Azeez.  In exchange for his humble acceptance of the discharge, he was made head of the kingdom’s National Security Council, a sinecure, really, for failed members of the House of Saud who just don’t get it, and never will.  Well, the new monarch, not as retarded or addled as we originally might have thought, has given Bandar and his son, Salmaan, the final, decisive kick in the pants.  He has been asked to step down from everything.  No explanation was given and why waste time, anyways?

One again, President Assad reiterates all his valedictions to the following marginalized bladders of ignoble gases who demanded he step down: Guido Westerwelle, Sergio Berluscony, Robert Ford, Hillary Clinton, Jose Zapatero, Mohamed Morsi, Nicolas Sarkozy, King ‘Abdullah of KSA, Prince Hamad and Madame Banana….and now…..once again……Bandar bin Sultaan.  Ta Ta.  Aufwiedersehen.  Adieu.  A bien tot. Arrivederci. Khodaa Haafez. See ya latah alligata. See ya soon baboon. Sayonara. Ja-Jinn. On yong oh seh yo. Hasta la Vista.  It was nice while it lasted.  Oh, I forgot, and Kiss off!

The resemblance is uncanny. This is Bandar’s maternal uncle, Shimandar bin Kong bin ‘Abdul-‘Azeez.

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