Jabal Al-Tharda:  ISIS tried to occupy several positions in this area to give itself greater control over oil facilities and to have direct access to Palmyra (Tadmur).  It was a complete failure.  According to Monzer, the situation for ISIS terrorists is now hopeless as they managed to sustain huge losses here while isolating whole packs of their mostly foreign killers in indefensible salients.  The SAA is now cleaning up and the carcasses are slowly rotting in the open.  Over 47 terrorists have been counted dead.


Al-Bughayliyya:  This village in the western part of the province was just liberated 2 days ago and became the springboard for a spectacular operation at the Abu Dhuhoor AB (see today’s first post).  This village lies a few kilometers from the Agricultural College which was targeted by ISIS terrorists.  The SAA blocked that effort killing 11 terrorists and, then, turning back to Al-Bughayliyya where the criminals were not permitted to withdraw.  All 27 were killed and their 4 vehicles destroyed.  It was at that point that the regiments were ordered to rapidly redeploy at Abu Dhuhoor.   The only carcasses identified were these Syrian ones:

Mansoor Jaaber Al-Salmaan

Naasser Ahmad Al-Hammood

‘Abdul-Salaam Al-Mir’iy

Mu’aadh Khaalid Al-Muhammad


Al-Muree’iyya:  A group of terrorists was wiped out by SAA and tribal units with all weapons captured turned over to the Shu’aytaat for use in killing Wahhabist degenerates:



Fighting reported in these areas:  Al-Jafra, Al-Sinaa’ah, Huwayjat Sakr, Al-Rushdiyya, Al-Jubayliyya, Al-Huwayqa, Al-Rusaafa, Al-‘Urfa.




CITY:  At the Transportation Quarter, the SAA conducted a precise operation killing an undisclosed number of terrorists.


South of the Consumers’ Institute:  Fighting with no details.


South of Busraa Square:  Monzer and Syrian news sites report major advances by the SAA with many terrorists killed.



‘Itmaan:  The group calling itself Liwaa` Al-Mu’tazz Billaah was wiped out along with its ally, the Jaysh Al-Yarmook.  Both these names involve historic personalities and events.  The first refers amazingly to the Abbasid Caliph who ruled for only 3 years and was the youngest of all caliphs at 19 years.  He was done in by everybody including his Turkish allies at Samara (Saamirraa` a contraction of “Surra man ra`aa.  It means “he who looks upon it is made happy”).  That this group would take on the name of this miserably inept leader whose cruelty toward his own brothers rivaled those of Ottoman Sultans is shocking.

In the case of the second group, the name refers to the Yarmouk River, a scene of the monumental triumph of the genius general,  Khaalid Ibn Al-Waleed, whose defeat of Heracles’ army under the command of the Byzantine general Vahan in 636 C.E. is touted as one of the landmark victories in human history.  Khaalid was considered by H.G. Wells to be the greatest military mind which ever existed.  Now, knowing that, why would anyone imply a connection to this brilliant military leader?  Especially after being rendered almost extinct.   By the way, both groups are offshoots of Nusra.


Itmaan:  Here it was a group called “Alwiyat Sayf Al-Shaam” (Brigades of the Sword of Syria, yawn).  They fought at Al-Manaashir northeast of Al-Ghuzlaan Farms, north of the Water Cistern, the Green Mosque.  All for nothing.  They, too, appear headed for complete erosion.


‘Itmaan:  North of the buildings on the railroad tracks, the SAA fought the Liwaa` Tawheed Kataa`ib Al-Hawraan (The Brigade of Unification of the Battalions of Hawraan), Harakat Sadaqa Wa’dahu (The He Kept his Promise Movement), Kateebat Ahraar Al-Jawlaan.  For Pete’s sake, is there anybody with half a brain among these nincompoops?


Fighting intense here:  Al-Nu’ayma, Ibta’, Zimreen, Inkhil, Al-Lijaat


City at Al-‘Abbaasiyya Cemetery:  3 mortar launchers destroyed and 1 Hell Rocket launcher siezed.


City: East of the Electric Company in Al-Manshiyya Quarter, there was some skirmishing.



I wrote about this in my article on the Exiled Opposition.  Now get a load of this:


Here is Wahhabist wisdom on display.  Are these jokers really Muslim?


Great organization deserves our support. Here’s more about the conference in Damascus:


John Esq. wants to show you the fighting in Jawbar.  The devastation is remarkable. It’s what Cameron and the Saudi apes wanted:


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