Syrian Army Strikes Major Blow at Militants in Hasaka, Idlib



Saraaqib:  5 Nusra terrorists were killed here today as the Syrian Air Force took to the skies and located a pack of them leaving the town in a pickup truck with a 23mm cannon.  Inside the passenger compartment were 3 rats, and, on the rear section were 2 others.  All were incinerated.  No names.


Hazzaareen Town:  7 plague-carrying rodents from Nusra were surrounded by SAA and killed.  All were foreigners from Turkey, Chechnya and Kazakhstan.  No names.


Abu Dhuhoor Airbase:  The Nusra, Ahraar Al-Shaam and Jabhat Al-Islam tried again to enter the perimeter of this base after feigning complete withdrawal some days ago.  They came back and were slaughtered.  In their attack last night, they lost 2 T-62 tanks and several armored vehicles.  It is unlikely they will try again. But, that’s assuming they have intelligent leadership, which they do not.




بالفيديو..تقدم الجيش في ريف درعا وريف دمشق


Al-Tarfaawi Village:  SAA encountered a pack of terrorists emerging from a safe house and offered them the chance to surrender.  They chose to fire back at our troops.  All 8 were killed when an infantryman fires his RPG at the window of the safe house causing all ammunition inside to explode, cremating the rodents:

Shibli Mansoor

‘Abdul-Mu’een Al-Haashim

Badr Saleem Kan’aan

The others were not named.


Al-Rastan:  In the Mid-Town Market area, a unique operation involving days of setting up bait resulted in a nest being discovered near a ladies’ garment shop.  4 killed, 3 wounded.  No names.


Al-Rastan:  Near the Al-Kinn Mountain, SAA and PDC tackled a group of rodents killing 1 and arresting 3.  No names were because given because the 3 survivors have asked for Amnesty.




Ruhoom Village:  A van with terrorists was stopped and all inside arrested. Weapons seized were handed over to a committee which oversees distribution of such things to the militias for killing Wahhabist monkey-rodents.


Between Ruhoom Village and ‘Unq Al-Hawaa:  SAA killed 2 arms smugglers.


North of Al-Jadhal Oil Field near Al-Shaa’er Mountain:  ISIS was devastated here.  All 32 carcasses were of foreigners.  MI is still assessing the scene and no names or nationalities are available.  Wael writes that this group had Saudis in it. Hurray.


Fighting reported here: Umm Sahreej, Al-Tayyiba Village, Khittmillu Village, Talbeesa, Tal Dahab, Kafr Laahaa.


HOMS-DAMASCUS INTERNATIONAL HIGHWAY:  A great day for shopping for weapons if you’re a militiaman connected to the Syrian Army.  Today, security forces and the SAA arrested 4 vermin in a bus brimming with every kind of terrorist weapon of which a rat could dream.  It was all stuffed inside “secret” compartments. Oh, there were 11 detonation triggers for IEDS, and there were fully constructed IEDs with C-4 enhancers, 65 boxes of detonators, light automatic pistols, assault rifles, communication equipment from Turkey, and for those nights of relaxation, a full kilo of marijuana!




Once again, and for the umpteenth time, we want to extend a word of gratitude to both Saudi Arabia and Turkey for expending all that effort to insure our Popular Defense Forces are properly equipped for killing Turks and Saudis.  A very nice gesture. ZAF





I told you about Al-Khansaa` yesterday and how the Western press was lying about the annihilation of the ISIS rats.  Well, our SAAF has done it again.  Without one single barrel bomb (as internationally know liar, Raami ‘Abdul-Rahmaan spouted), the SAAF strafed another convoy of ISIS rodents at Tal Hamees southeast of Qaamishli.  After that strafing with our Yaks, ground spotters and aerial reconnaissance confirmed the deaths of 43 vermin with over 150 wounded seen being taken willy-nilly to field hospitals near Qaamishli. 



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