In the city, the area of Residential Investment Project sustained 2 mortar shells with one landing in the rear yard of a building causing no damage and the other landing on Al-Haaroon Street killing 3 citizens and wounding 9.  One of the wounded was a 7 year old girl who is in stable condition.  Some cars parked on the street were damaged.  That’s all.


Al-Nabi Yunus Summit: The SAA was monitoring the movement of Erdoghani rodents here and espied a convoy of vans and several pickups with cannons attached to the rear flatbeds.  SAA opened fire as the convoy came into a curve on the mountain road from which the rats could not maneuver to escape.  All 23 rodents were killed.  Nobody survived.  6 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.


Tallat Dooreen Village:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons were incinerated by Kornet rockets that lit up the sky with detonated ammunition carried by the usual pack of Nusra rats.  No survivors as the number of available vermin to fight Erdoghan’s war is diminishing.


Kitf Al-Ghadr Village:  Once again, the SAA is proving itself extremely adept at monitoring the movements of rats.  This time, there was certain evidence that the terrorists were going to attack a military checkpoint.  75 members of the PDC were sent to the area for backup with resupply to insure the maximum number of rat fatalities.  Overhead, SAAF helicopters watched the scene and waited for the moment when any MANPADs supplied by Obama to these Al-Qaeda terrorists would be neutralized.  After that, the Hind helicopters would swoop down and finish off the stinking, plague-carrying vermin.  That’s what happened.  18 confirmed rats dead, 3 pickups with cannons destroyed, 2 vans in flames and a lot of ammunition set ablaze.


Kitf Al-Ghadr Village Redux:  SAA and PDC coordinated action against another pack of Nusra rodents 5 hours after the operation mentioned herein-above.  It was meant to be a surprise attack coming on the heels of the drubbing these cockroaches received earlier.  It was expected that the forces at the checkpoint would be surprised by the attack.  Once again Turk morons commanding these syphilis-carrying monkeys proved their worthlessness by using non-secure communications methods which the SAA has become expert at monitoring.  This time, the Nusra group called itself the Liwaa` Al-‘Aadiyyaat and it sported 6 pickups with 23mm cannons and our forces knew there were no MANPADS because the leader complained about that to his Erdoghani Turk scum handlers.  The rest was a “Turkey shoot”:

Waleed Muhammad Awsi, himself a commander, and 3 leaders from the same organization were confirmed killed.  I have no other names.


Al-Kawm Village:  Helicopters ruled the sky shellacking scattered packs of filthy rodents belonging to Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam.  Another convoy of vans and trucks was destroyed.  I have no other details.


Waadi Birimsa Village:  Fighting with many rat fatalities. No other details.


Al-Nawba Mountain: Another convoy coming from the east was intercepted by alert SAA stalwarts near Salmaa.  All rodents were killed and all vehicles destroyed by SAAF and followed up with ground strikes from SAA artillery.  A real mess.


Al-Farz Village:  More action in the skies as newly arrived ordnance was used effectively against a Nusra headquarters, vaporizing the entire compound along with the buried weapons and ammunition the rodents thought they had secured.  No names.


















Canthama sends this video showing one of our infantrymen firing a Kornet at a moving van carrying rats.  Look at how accurate the rocket as its being guided by wire. Reminds me of the Sagger in the October War of 1973 which laid waste to so many Zionist tanks:




I could not have said it better. Shame on Cameron for this and so many other affronts:

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