لواء عسكري شعبي جديد مؤيد للجيش العربي السوري لتحرير الغوطة الشرقية!


There’s a reason why ISIS is imposing mandatory conscription in areas they control.  The reason is that ISIS is dying.  Losses at every turn have demoralized thousands of their formerly zealous recruits and volunteers and now, ISIS, feeling a shortfall in its ranks as both the Syrian and Iraqi armies lay waste to their Xanadu in Hell.


‘Ayyaash Village:  ISIS bet big on this area with its largest fuel dump only 10kms away from the Syrian Army in the City of Dayr El-Zor.  But, after 3 days of attacks to restore the fuel dump along the West Line and Tayyim Line, their offensive imploded.  We can confirm the death of over 200 ISIS killers over the last 3 days as spotters assess the carnage.  Here are the only Syrians identified so far:

Mu’tazz Ahmad ‘Issaawi

‘Awadh Muhammad ‘Awadh

Radhwaan Hilaal Bu-Majeed

Ahmad Nooreddeen Hammaad

Luqmaan Shafeeq Ja’dan

‘Ali ‘Umar Al-Shaykh-Hassan

Thaabit ‘Abdu Mukhtaar

No other names have arrived so far.


Tal-Al-Hajeef Village:  This is near ‘Ayyaash.  Another attack on the Radio and Television Station was pushed back by a combination of Shu’aytaat tribesmen, PDC and the SAA.  The number of ISIS terrorists killed exceeds 20 but the area is still too dangerous to investigate.


Al-Bughayliyya:  Another miserable and ill-advised attack on this village liberated only a few days ago by the SAA was a lead balloon as 10s of ISIS heretics were gunned down by the forces of the Syrian people.  A pickup with 23mm cannon was vaporized and 3 pickups with high caliber machine guns were also destroyed.  The carcasses remain on the ground as of this writing.


Al-‘Ashshaara Town:  Evidently, you just can’t drive a car safely any more if you’re a member of the ISIS morals police, the hated “Al-Hisba”.  Last night, while on their way to flush out some den of iniquity, they went POOF! right in the air as a 65kg IED exploded in their car.  The notorious morals police (Al-Mutaawa’ah) of Saudi Arabia might start wondering if their cars will start to go up in a mist soon also what with all this talk about morality and terrorism.  Hmmm. The IED was placed by SAA-MI operatives.


Heavy fighting continuing as more residents give intelligence to the SAA in order to be rid of the rats sent by NATO, and especially the criminal regime in Ankara:  Al-Jubayla, Al-Rushdiyya, Al-‘Urfi, Al-Sinaa’ah, Al-Huwayqa. These foreign cannibals were killed yesterday by the SAA and its Syrian allies:


‘Uthmaan Abu Qataada (Id pending. TUNISIAN SALAMANDER SLIME)



Bandar Al-Shammari (SAUDI PUS ADDICT)



A NEW ARMY MADE UP OF MOSTLY LOCAL PEOPLE AND FORMER TERRORISTS LINKED TO NUSRA, JAYSH AL-ISLAM AND AHRAAR AL-SHAAM, HAVE BEEN GRADUATED FROM THEIR BASIC TRAINING PROGRAM.  THE 7,000-MAN ARMY IS COMMITTED TO ERASING THE PLAGUE OF JIHADISM, TAKFIRISM AND SALAFISM FROM THE ENTIRE GHOUTAA AREA, IF NOT THE WHOLE WORLD.  There is a crucial element to this new force: because they’re local, they know every nook and cranny.  They are indigenous to our lands and with their new awareness of the conspiracy against their people and culture, we can expect ferocious fighting and, as I have been told, a focus on killing Zahraan ‘Alloosh, viewed universally now as the Devil incarnate.  The force is called the Jaysh Al-Wafaa` (Army of Faithfulness) or Liwaa` Al-Wafaa` (Brigade of Faithfulness).  We will refer to them by the former as JW.


We can confirm the death of a major figure in the Jaysh Al-Umma (Abu Subhi Taahaa) at the hand of ‘Alloosh’s Jaysh Al-Islam.  This occurred on January 7, 2015.  We expect ‘Alloosh to follow soon, unless, as we now believe, he is now working with the Syrian Army in order to save his own bacon.


Harastaa:  SAA artillery scored a direct hit on a explosives warehouse near the Salaahuddeen Mosque causing some interesting fireworks to entertain the residents.


Doumaa:  The Big Push started on January 7, 2015 from multiple angles with a combination of SAA and PDC.  ‘Alloosh continues to negotiate.  The SAA continues to reject his proposals.  He now wants to fight with the SAA against ISIS.


Tal-Kurdi:  Big numbers of dead ‘Alloosh felons in the NE Doumaa area.  Getting warmer.


Al-‘Aaliya Farms:  This is ‘Alloosh’s last stand. SAA killed 16 of his killers over the last 5 days right here.


Al-Shifooniyya (Chiffoniere) Road east of Doumaa:  More ‘Alloosh nests uprooted and destroyed.  The rats are shivering.



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