Al-Wa’er: The cold winter has finally awakened the terrorists cringing in the western suburb of Homs City.  Without fuel for heat, the NATO-supported criminals were feeling the heat from the 100,000+ citizens they were holding hostage.  With no hope of receiving reinforcements or resupply, they have been negotiating for biscuits during the last 4 months, as we have been reporting.  But, the circumstances have changed. As the winter has proven to be more severe than expected, Mayor Barazi has announced a significant breakthrough.  The agreement appears to involved the following terms:

1.  All terrorists will surrender their weapons to the security services: General Security Directorate, Political Security Directorate or local police and militia;

2.  The terrorists will release all their prisoners and hostages to the Syrian Red Crescent or security services;

3.  Terrorists who are Syrian have been vetted and 70% of what is already a low number will be granted access to the Amnesty Program;  The rest who are wanted have agreed to surrender themselves in exchange for prison sentences which are predetermined;

4.  Those who are granted amnesty, will be eligible to join the PDC to fight the foreign terrorists like ISIS and Nusra;

5.  All foreign terrorists who surrender shall be granted safe passage out of Syria but not into Turkey, Jordan or the Zionist Ghetto State.  They will be taken to Tartous for shipping out to their home countries or taken to Damascus for a flight out;

6.  The Syrian government will, in turn, release most prisoners taken from Al-Wa’er except the foreigners;

7.  Any terrorist who continues to fight or fails to lay down arms will be arrested or killed as the conditions demand.

The agreement is not final, but, it is approaching final status.  The president has to approve of the concluding terms.


Al-Wa’er:  Block 7 , Raakaan Heights, Al-Khuraab Avenue, the SAA has advanced noticeably in this area.


Al-Hilaaliyya Farms:  18kms northwest of the city, a pickup with 23mm cannon was disabled by SAA fire with 8 terrorists killed.  All belonged to Nusra.


Umm Sharshooh:  A largely Christian town depopulated by the terrorists.  At the Al-Badw Quarter, the SAA and PDC destroyed a car carrying terrorists killing 3 and wounding 1.  The SAA discovered that the murdering criminals vandalized and desecrated a church.


Ayn Hussayn Village:  An attempted infiltration to ‘Ayn Al-Danaaneer failed.  No details.


Fighting reported here: Al-Ghajar, Umm Sahreej, East Salaam

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