Jawbar:  President Bashar Al-Assad visited Syrian soldiers and members of the Popular Defense Committees yesterday and celebrated with them by sitting down for dinner and giving them a rousing, spirited and glowing speech which clearly could be interpreted as a prediction for much better things to come.  With the preliminary talks about to start in Moscow and Russia’s renewed commitment to the durability of the Syrian government, not to mention Iran’s perfervid insistence on Dr. Assad’s retention of power in the country, Dr. Assad appeared very up-beat and even, conciliatory with just the right amount of bellicosity to keep the rats at bay.


عشاء جوبر.. الأسد بين الأسود

Dr. Assad sits down for a soldier’s supper with officers of the Syrian Arab Army in Jawbar


Jawbar: While Dr. Assad was inspiring the troops, other soldiers had a darker duty at the Al-Taqwaa Mosque, north of the Teachers’ Tower, the Qabbaani Mosque and the Zamalkaa Bridge.  It is reported the SAA killed 4 rats belonging to ‘Alloosh’s group and took 11 prisoner in different states of health.  No names available.


Harastaa at the Secondary Roundabout:  Rats persist here as they have no place to go.  Yesterday, SAA killed 3:

Sawmar Al-‘Ajjaan

‘Abdul-Muttalib Khaleefa

Diyaab Ghandoor


Doumaa:  We can feel ‘Alloosh’s skin cringing as the SAA gets closer to his lair in the ‘Aaliya Farms area and at the Al-Reehaan Farms.  No details about fighting here.


جيش سوريا يستهدف مسلحين في القنيطرة ودرعا ودمشق

Zibdeen:  SAA killed these foreign and domestic rodents:



Muhammad Al-Faaris

Wadhdhaah Al-Qaadiri

Khudhr Jawharji

Another 2 could not be identified.


Irbeen and ‘Ayn Turmaa:  Fighting with no details.




QALAMOON:  The winter is rough for the rodents now trapped in the Lebanon with no outlet into the battle zones of the Qalamoon Mountains.  In Lebanon, most of the terrorists are ISIS and Nusra.  They have no shortage of suicide bombers, i.e. simpleminded people who can be easily cajoled into driving trucks laden with high explosives into target areas in the foothills and barren landscape of the mountains.  Their only problem is the thorough corking of all the bottlenecks, illegal pathways, tunnels, and crossings which came after significant sacrifice by the SAA coupled with the deployment of sufficient troops to insure no further encroachments.  Moreover, the SAA is now very familiar with the techology of suicide bombing and spares no effort to vaporize these hurtling behemoths before they come close to defense lines.

There are perils in all these successes.  The Lebanese army, which is going to be supplied and armed by the French, is falling into 2 traps:  The first is reliance on the French.  The Saudis insisted on the Lebanese using the 3 billions dollars earmarked for their army to reward the war criminal Francois Hollande for his loyalty to the alliance committed to the destruction of Syria.  Reliance on inferior French weaponry means French influence over military decision making.  The second trap is the absence of a strong government capable of taking responsible steps toward confronting the cancer of Jihadism in the Lebanese mountains.  We are already hearing about terrorist demands for LA withdrawal and demilitarized zones.  This will only prolong the crisis.


‘Assaal Al-Ward:  A convoy coming out of the Lebanon containing first-tier Nusra leaders was atomized by SAA artillery as it snaked its way from the ‘Arsaal area.  The area is still being assessed.  Preliminary reports indicate over 17 vehicles destroyed and scenes of out-of-control fires.  The names of the leaders will be announced once the identifications are made.


 ميداني درعا.. مقتل إرهابيين أجانب وتدمير راجمة صواريخ ومدفع هاون


Al-Zabadaani:  In the Al-‘Aarra Quarter.  Confirmed 12 rodents killed, a warehouse destroyed and all useable contents distributed to our militias for killing Wahhabists:

“Abu Ayyaad Al-Soori” (Id pending)

Saleem Al-A’war

“Abu Baraa` Al-Leebi” (LIBYAN BRAIN TUMOR)

Akram Muhamman-‘Ali Zaytoon

No other names.  6 prisoners taken.


Ra`s Al-Ma’arra:  A large number of terrorists killed here trying to relocate to more defensible positions.  They were not allowed to get there.  No other details.


Fighting in these areas: Qaarra, Al-Burayj.




تدمير أربع آليات محملة بالأسلحة بمن فيها من الإرهابيين في ريف اللاذقية الشمالي

My wife’s family in Latakia and in the mountains celebrated New Years Eve normally.  She contacted them by Skype but without being able to see their images.  Improving situation.


Al-Furunluq Sanctuary (Coll: “Frullu”) and Al-Sawdaa:  SAA trapped and killed scores of rodents, destroyed 4 vans loaded with weapons and ammunition and 3 pickups with 23mm cannons:

Rabaah Al-Saayid

‘Ammaar Salaahuddeen

Baasil Al-Shughuri

Many others were not named and  are believed to be foreign.



Whoever said Americans were stupid?  They’re not and they are getting the message out:


If you didn’t believe what I wrote about Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi, read this and weep:


We have named our Liar of the Year Award after him.  Now, let’s see what Desmond Tutu says about Bliar/Bliar:


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