سلاح الجو السوري يكثف غاراته على دوما ويقتل 18 إرهابياً من جيش الأمة

DAMASCUS:  Threats, sticks and stones, name-calling, hot air, bloviation and drivel won’t change anything.  The SAA and SAAF, along with allies in the PDC, Ba’ath party militias and security services are hammering away at ‘Alloosh & Co. all along the fronts in Doumaa.  Poor ‘Alloosh.  Now that his best friend in Saudi Arabia has gone to the dustbin of history, he has to fend for himself.  His offers to work with the Syrian Army against ISIS and Nusra have fallen on deaf ears.  His army of nematodal vermin is breaking apart.  He has written out his last will and testament.  The executors are massing at the door to his spider hole.


Doumaa:   At the Al-Dayriyya Quarter, the SAAF, flying newly-upgraded Sukhois blasted the Liwaa` Fajr Al-Islam and killed these:

‘Umar Sum’ah

Faysal Daqqaaq

Yaaseen ‘Abdul-‘Azeez

Mahmoud Hammood


Doumaa:  At the Al-Sindiyaaniyya Quarter, these were killed by SAA and PDC:

‘Abdul-Samad Hussayn

‘Amr Jamaaleddeen  

Waa`il Zamraani

Muhammad Najeeb

Muhammad Al-Shaa’er

Another 2 could not be identified.


Doumaa:  At Hawsh Al-Faarra.  ‘Alloosh put together a pathetic effort to assault SAA regular troops here. But, excellent intelligence and swift communications put the kibosh on his plans.  2 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.  No names.


Doumaa: At Tal Kurdi.  Another assault by ‘Alloosh flopped bit time.  Very pathetic.


Jawbar: At the Teachers’ Tower and Al-Hawwaash Building, South of the malls and the area of the School Complex, the SAA killed 16 of ‘Alloosh’s rodents.


Harastaa Farms:  These were the fallen scum yesterday:

Muhammad Al-Jabahi

Ahmad Qadaadu

‘Alaa` Mukarram

Mustafaa Mahfoodh 

Another 9 could not be identified.


Zibdeen:  Northeast of the suburb.  The SAA killed these vultures:


Jihaad Sayfu

Mansoor Al-Khawaaja

Naasser Al-Rifaa’iy

Ziyaad Al-‘Ajami

Haseeb Mashkoor


Hawsh Nasri:  Humiliating end to a life of even greater humiliation as the SAA dug up and destroyed another stinking rat hole populated by these vermin:

‘Abdul-Majeed Nu’maan

Sulaymaan Baraazi

Fathullaah Al-Shudaydi

Muhammad Fattooh

Shaaker ‘Abdullah

Al-Tayyib Abu-‘Abdullah Al-Soosi (LIBYAN INTESTINAL PARASITE)


Sa’eed ‘Ataayaa


Zamalkaa:  Weapons and ammo were found after killing 3 rodents. No names.


Bayt SaaberAl-Hinnaawi Farms Road:  This is near Sa’sa’.  Firefight with no details.


Al-Zabadaani: the West Mountains. Artillery struck hard at terrorist emplacements killing an undisclosed number of jackals.


Faaleetaa area in the Qalamoon along the Lebanese border:  Alert SAA killed these sneaky little rats:

Ali Saalih

Muhammad Al-Labwaani (a relative of the notorious traitor and dead man, Kamaal Al-Labwaani) 




Al-Muree’iyya:  Confirmed by Ba’ath Party sources.  The area is now rat-free. ISIS has withdrawn from indefensible positions almost vaporized by the SAA’s Republican Guard under the command of the laureled Lt. Gen. ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen.  The contributions of the tribal “Sahwa” groups made up of mostly members of the Shu’aytaat tribe and our own PDC cannot be overestimated.  A massive victory for a secular Syria and degradation for the Caliph of Kaka.


The Airbase:  29 confirmed rat deaths on January 28, 2015, 9 of whom were foreigners.  The assessment has not been sent to any of my sources.  I have no names.  With this, the SAA has advanced another kilometer east of the base as ISIS defenders collapse into hopelessness.


Taabiyya Shaamiyya Village east of the city:  a pickup with 23mm cannon and all inside incinerated.  No names.


Mu-Hassan:  The SAA supported by tribal militias has now captured the entrance to the town.  See the video below for a taste of the combat.    (Thanks, Anonymous)


Al-Jafra: A unique operation stunned the ISIS rats as their nests were surrounded and destroyed.  The early reports mention 10s of dead hyenas.  We will get a report sooner or later.



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