ميداني ادلب.. الجيش يقضي على 20 إرهابيا ويقطع أهم خطوط إمدادهم

DER’AH:  The U.S. has not changed its policy toward Syria.  Don’t believe a word you read in the Western media.  The Obama regime is deliberately leaking out false information to buttress the claim that there is a “rethink” in D.C. about the future of Dr. Assad’s government.  Sly comments from Kerry recently were calculated to be read that way.

6 days ago, a large container of advanced weapons and ammunition, including TOWs, were delivered to Turkey at the port of Eskenderoun and delivered to the eastern part of the country where the contents were distributed to ISIS at the Turk-Syrian border.  The Turks reportedly told the ISIS terrorist-murderers and heretics that the donor was Saudi Arabia although the boxes all had indicia of American manufacturing.


Al-Muzayreeb:  SAA savaged 2 nests of Nusra terrorists here killing 6 rats and taking 6 wounded prisoners.


Naamir: An attempted infiltration 22 kms northeast of the city was foiled.  All weapons and ammunition were seized in this mixed Christian and Sunni town where terrorists supported by dwarf ‘Abdullah of Jordan regularly fire sniper shots at cars on the International Highway.


Jaleen Village:  In a uniquely well-executed operation, the SAA destroyed a Nusra truck near the Jordanian border containing Zionist-provided weapons and ammunition.  The village overlooks the Yarmouk River Valley.  4 rats confirmed killed.


Busraa Al-Shaam:  Heavy fighting going on in the eastern section with the SAA making substantial progress in dislodging the rats.


Al-Musayfira:  Another well-executed operation trapped and killed 4 rats in a house:

“Abu Shanab Al-Masri” (He had a big moustache, I guess. EGYPTIAN RAT VOMIT)

Shawqi Qattaaf

The other 2 were not identified.


Ibta’:  This occurred 4 days ago and is not being confirmed.  The SAA killed 48 Nusra hyenas here in a combined air and artillery assault choreographed perfectly from the ground by seasoned field commanders after days of monitoring the movement of the terrorists.  The names may be revealed over the next few hours seeing the battle assessment is complete.


Daa’il:  30 more Nusra savages were sent to Satan’s Salon in Sodom by the SAA.  The beasts used here was a pod of BMP2s which cracked through terrorist fortifications after land mines were neutralized.  Infantry followed the armored workhorses and killed a score and ten of the murdering filth.



Read more about BMPs here:


Fighting reported here: Kafr Naasij, Tal Al-Maal, Al-Manshiyya Quarter, ‘Itmaan.


Brigade 82:  Syria has over 500 military bases, 95% of which are totally controlled by the SAA or SAAF or the Air Defense Corps.  When one base – or its HQ – is overrun, the first reaction from readers is to shudder and expect the worst. But, that’s not how the Syrian Army High Command sees the battlefield – the ying-yang, see-saw, give-and-take of combat.  Some bases like the ones at Abu Dhuhoor, Dayr El-Zor, the Dummar Republican Guard base, Qatanaa, Qutayfa are important and crucial to the conduct of the war.  Bases like Taftanaaz, Tabqa and Brigade 82 are not.

Look carefully at the map provided.  Look at the size of the base and infrastructure.  It is obvious that the base does not possess the kind of assets, strategic location or uniqueness that would make it worth defending with sufficient power taken, if necessary, from other fronts.  Such is not the case here.  My information is that the rats got nothing but some toilet paper which they don’t even know how to use.  There is even one source who says the battle is raging and that the rats only occupied the area headquarters.   We’ll see. But, the battle for Al-Shaykh Miskeen continues unabated.




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