الجيش السوري ينفذ عملية واسعة ضد أوكار الإرهابيين في منطقة اللجاة



Inkhil:  In a uniquely precise operation, the SAA struck hard at the Liwaa` Jaydoor Al-Hawraan and Liwaa` Hamza Assadullaah killing a confirmed 11 terrorists and taking 4 prisoners.  These groups belong to Nusra.


Itmaan:  Harakat Al-Muthanna, another Nusra franchise, was tripped up by faulty intelligence and fell right into a trap set by the SAA.  According to Monzer, 7 terrorists were killed.  No other information available.


Zimreen:  A pack of rodents coming out of Jordan were ordered to stop their vehicles.  When they didn’t, infantrymen opened fire and killed 4 while taking the remaining 18 prisoner:

Ma`moon Haydar Al-Asmar

Riyaadh Al-Shaafi’iy

Durayd Muhammad Shalagh

‘Umar Saalih Muhanna`


Al-Soora:  Reportedly a huge number of terrorists were killed here yesterday, but, no assessments have been publicized.


‘Almaa:  Also, a big battle fought here with heavy terrorist losses northeast of Der’ah City.


Tafass:  4 separate terrorist nests were destroyed by SAA and PDC about 13 kms north of the city.  No statistics available at this time.


Muzayreeb Town:  To the northwest on the border with Jordan, an armored vehicle was disabled and seized by SAA along with a pickup with 23mm cannon, 2 trucks hauling ammunition from Jordan.  This incident takes place in the aftermath of what was reported to be a massacre of Nusra terrorists in a battle with SAA.  I am trying to get more details about this game-changing encounter where the SAA is reportedly using new technology.


Nawaa:  Huge demonstrations have rocked this town after the wanton and savage destruction of a shrine named after a great theologian.  We reported this before.  Now the citizens want the rats to leave.  It’s all Nusra here.


Jadal and Al-Shawmara in the Al-Lijaat area:  The 2 groups most active here are the Alwiyat Al-‘Umari, Jaysha Al-Yarmouk and Liwaa` Al-Muhaajireen wa Al-Ansaar (a mostly foreign group).  Yesterday these gangs of criminals took a big hit to the tune of 24 killed in fighting with SAA and PDC.


Al-Shaykh Miskeen:  The SAA continues to drive the terrorists deeper into the northern edge of the town.  Yesterday, the SAA killed these:

‘Ali Yaaseen Al-Zu’bi

Muraad Bakkaara

‘Abdul-Waliy Shammoot

Another 5 were not identified.


Fighting also reported in Daa’il where a warehouse was destroyed.



The Zionist view of the disaster Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) faced in Paris:

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