Syrian Special Forces liaised with the Republican Guard at Dayr El-Zor Airbase dressed up just like these degenerates in the Afghan Taliban when they attacked ISIS in Jaffra Village.


Jaffra Village:  Southeast of the city.  The vermin of ISIS were caught off guard, literally, when they saw a group of homogeneous Afghans returning to their positions behind their lines to face off again against the Syrian Army.  How comforting it must have felt to have kindred rodents coming safely from an operation somewhere to the northwest.  Relaxed and totally at peace in their cesspools, the ISIS perimeter guards thought something was really wrong when the Taliban-look-alikes opened fire on them killing 3 within seconds.  The rest of the pack, all 11, were killed in no less time in an operation by the Special Forces of the Republican Guards who had accurate on-the-ground Intel about the exact location of all the rodents.  Many of the SF commandos used Makarov handguns to put down the fleeing derelicts and heretics.


Huwayjat Al-Muree’iyya:  It is confirmed, the Al-Muree’iyya area is now rat-free. It happened yesterday when orders came to the ISIS cockroaches that the SAA was concentrating a large armored force to the north of the area.  As the insects tried to withdraw quickly, the SAA opened artillery fire which was followed by strafing runs courtesy of the SAAF.  Estimated cockroach fatalities, around 20.  No further details.


Al-Khurayta Village:  This area is known for its vast salt mines and large concentration of ISIS hyenas.  On January 26, 2015, the area was subjected to heavy air assaults by the SAAF followed by artillery.  The SAA managed to enter the area and seized boxes of ammunition with Turkish markings including sniper rifles and hand grenades.  The area is 50 kms northwest of the city.


Al-Bu-Layl:  I want to address the structural frequency of the place names in this area so close to Mesopotamia.  Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq who was convicted of some crimes made up by the United States in a kangaroo court worthy of the legendary Ottoman Judge, Qaraqoosh, hailed from a tribe in the Takreet area called the Al-Bu-Naasser.  The “Al” means “the”.  The “bu” is a variant in Arabic of “Abu” or “father”.  Naasser is just a name of an ancestor from  which the members of the tribe or sub-tribe descend.  The similarities between the people of eastern Syria and Western Iraq should not surprise anyone.  The Arabic is similar and so are the tribal and place references.

This is the reason why I refuse to use the State Department’s acronym for ISIS.  The State Dept. refers to the terrorists in Iraq and Syria as ISIL.  The “L” is for Levant.  But, there is a problem with that because the Levant is the Eastern Mediterranean – i.e. “ou le soleil se levee”, or where the sun rises in French.  The far eastern provinces of Syria do not qualify as a part of the Levant.  So, it is best to use the more accurate ISIS or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria where the latter refers to the entire nation including the non-Levant parts.

Yesterday, the SAA destroyed a large truck carrying weapons to ISIS here.  No other details.


Al-Mayaadeen:  A city now famous for being the site where Riyaadh Al-As’ad lost his first leg.  The SAA attacked and destroyed a nest and its fortifications.  No other details.


Fighting also reported here:  Al-Mu-Hassan, (It’s a play on the word “Al-Bu-Hassan” but, it means “The not so good”. Funny.), Al-Tibni, Al-Bu-‘Umar, ‘Ayyaash, Taabiyya

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