DAYR EL-ZOR:  The entire ISIS program in this province is a flop. Don’t believe the western media about ISIS expanding its range.  Not true. In both Syria and Iraq ISIS lost all its once extensive popular support.  The West is trying to give the impression that the terrorist organization is expanding despite American and Allied efforts to destroy its capabilities from the air.  The truth must be told: Obama is supporting ISIS and is only striking it in areas controlled by the Kurds as part of the new Sykes-Picot plan hatched by his deranged Zionist Neo-Con handlers.  But, despite the effort to pave the way for greater American involvement in Iraq in order to re-establish lost military influence, the fact is that ISIS is losing on all fronts.

There are 3 clear indications of this.  The executions of thousands of its own members on charges of “treason” and “dereliction of duty” is one indicator.  Another is the fact that large militias have formed among Sunni tribes in both Syria and Iraq to take on the plague of this American-created monster.  The third is the announced conscription of young men and women into its ranks in areas still under its control.  This means they are experiencing shortages owing to desertions and attrition.


BUQRUS VILLAGE:  This village was attacked 2 days ago by ISIS as its inhabitants were forming a paramilitary unit to fight alongside the SAA.  ISIS got wind of the plan and tried to rub it out by entering the village and executing a reported 6 organizers on charges of “warring against Islam”.  This effort by citizens to take the fight to their oppressors is a clear indication that ISIS is on the way out.


Al-Muree’iyya: South of DZ, SAA artillery apparently savaged the ISIS terrorists in their positions.  ISIS websites have acknowledged significant losses due to the artillery barrage, but, no names of their stinking dead have been published.


DAMASCUS:  It’s been reported and we can confirm a “cease fire” agreement in ‘Irbeen, a major conduit for terrorism on the outskirts of Damascus. This agreement is essentially a surrender of arms in exchange for Amnesty in the context of national reconciliation.  It is a great victory for Dr. Assad and his government.  It will soon be happening also in Al-Wa’er in Homs, an event which will end the Reign of Terror inflicted on the inhabitants by Obama’s terrorists.  But, only as soon as the Syrian elements exterminate the obdurate foreigners.

Of interest is Zahraan ‘Alloosh’s reaction to the surrender.  Although he is known sarcastically among many terrorist groups as “Commander Withdrawal”, he is enraged by his own inability to reach an agreement with the Syrian authorities which would allow him to leave Syria for his true whore-mother, Saudi Arabia.  His group struck hard today at ‘Irbeen with mortar fire.  He is in desperate straits as Zamalkaa also lurches toward complete surrender.


Yarmouk Camp:  The entire campaign to enter Damascus is a shambles.  No other location is as demonstrative of this fact as the sprawling Palestinian Camp south of the capital.  Evidently, Nusra, now a complete stooge of the Ghetto Zionists has threatened to execute all members of the Ansaar Al-Sharee’ah for their newly-announced reformation as an ISIS franchise.  Nusra promises “death” to the group itself the Supporters of Islamic Canonical Law unless it surrenders its members for trial in some kangaroo court in, doubtlessly, the Zionist Apartheid State.



Anon sends us another nice article.  This time it’s about why the UK should cut its ties to KSA:

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