ريف دمشق.. عمليات عسكرية واسعة للجيش تسفر عن مقتل العديد من الإرهابيين

DAMASCUS: The terrorist organizations mostly active south of the capital and on the Golan Heights are becoming increasingly aware of their isolation.  The open support of the Zionist Ghetto State has only added to the disgust of all Syrians with what these murderers are doing to the country.  It is testimony to the unparalleled stupidity of Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani that he would think an alliance with Zionism would improve his status in the minds and hearts of the Syrian people.  Nusra is finished.  While it can still mount attacks on the Syrian economy and infrastructure, its war to win the hearts and minds of the Syrian people is an abject failure.      


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  The Nusra group tried and failed again to cross the Salaam Highway.  In a firefight, the SAA killed 4 of the Nusra rodents while securing weapons and ammunition they left behind.


Faaleeta area in the Qalamoon:  Another miserable attempt to cross into Syria from Lebanon was repelled by alert border police, SAA and PDC.  According to one report from SANA, tens of rodent carcasses are strewn in the snow-covered area of the pass they tried to negotiate.  Monzer says over 20 terrorists were killed by a combination of artillery and ground fire.


Al-Khazrajiyya Village close to Sa’sa’:  A large group of terrorists were engaged and many killed.  A nest was destroyed containing maps, sophisticated satellite equipment and Captagon.  No other details available.


Rasm Al-Sammaan:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.

‘Aassim Baakhoom

Sabri Al-Fahl

Another 3 could not be identified.


Fighting also reported in Al-Habbaara, Kanaaker.




الجيش يدمر مقرات للإرهابيين في تلبيسة والحولة والرستن بريف حمص

Mas-hara Village:  2 nests were invaded by the SAA and destroyed.  This village sits atop antiquities going back to the Ayyubid Dynasty and the Mameluke Period.  The terrorists regularly steal artifacts for sale in the Zionist Abomination.


Ufaaniyaa Village:  Weapons and ammunition were seized by the SAA and distributed quickly to our defense militias for use in killing Wahhabists.


Al-Hameediyya:  In 4 uniquely planned operations coordinated and timed together, the SAA has killed a reported 34 terrorists belonging to the Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam groups.


Al-Samdaaniyya:  2 kms from Ba’ath City.  Heavy fighting led to withdrawal by Nusra rats to lines protected by the Zionist foreigners.

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