هجمة استباقية للجيش في داريا واشتباكات عنيفة مع الإرهابيين في جوبر

Daarayyaa:  In an operation that had been planned for days after MI received intelligence that the Nusra/Alqaeda terrorist organization was plotting to assault SAA positions around Al-Hajar Al-Aswad pouring through the Der’ah/Damascus Highway. But, the SAA struck first with lightning speed, overwhelming several headquarters and C&C centers while killing 48 rodent criminals funded by the ape-like Saudis, the cockroach-like Qataris and the incompetent, drug addled Americans in Jordan.   The attacks concentrated on areas our readers have come to know:  The Four Seasons and the Railroad Track areas.  After this operation, these 2 areas are firmly in the hands of the Syrian Army and people. The siege of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad continues.


Jawbar:  We can describe the fighting in this area, that is the stronghold of the soon-to-be-dead Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, as “extremely intense” with an entire constellation of forces now arrayed to put an end to the Saudi-supported dung beetle who has tormented the citizens of this area for much too long.  This is totally Nusra.  The SAA has now confirmed significant advances measured in whole city blocks at the Al-Tayyiba Crossing toward the center of the quarter.  Monzer reports “huge losses” (خسائر جسيمة) to Obama’s rat army.  These names have come across our desk:

Mahmoud Abu-Rushdi

Usaamaa Al-‘Umari

Rajab Sa’ad ‘Abdul-Malik

Fawwaaz Hamaadi

Ghiyaath Sawwaaf

“Abu Al-Fidaa` Al-Tunisi” (Id pending. TUNISIAN BARBARY APE CATAMITE)

Shaafi’ ‘Atrees

Muhammad Idlibi

Haytham Al-Taawoos

Jaabir Ishaaq

Faysal Jamooli

‘Abdul-Ahad Qashmool

The rest were determined to be foreigners, many from Jordan and Libya.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Intermittent skirmishing with the SAAF very active in the skies.  Yesterday, 3 vehicles were struck killing all aboard.  No further details.


Tal Kurdi in the Doumaa area:  Intensifying combat as the SAA continues to hunt down ‘Alloosh.  Monzer reports more SAA advances against the withering population of rats.  Very good news.


Doumaa:  In preparation for the final assault on the Jaysh Al-Islam (yawn), 1,000 citizens were evacuated by the Syrian Army and relocated to the very secure Qudsiyya area pending the liberation of their homes.  Most were old men, women and many children.





The Zionist Nazi Ghetto State must now have its Nuremberg Trials:


The Khazar bar bouncer vows to dismantle the ICC:


As I have written, the evidence is overwhelming:


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