ماذا حدث الليلة في جوبر تحت الأرض ؟

Terrorists thought they were smart when they demolished whole apartment buildings around their favorite tunnel, a tunnel that stretched 600 meters and had branches all of which were lit by electrical power with ventilation fans,  to boot.  They thought that by erasing these buildings it would make it harder for the SAA to advance with tanks since the rats had anti-armor American-manufactured and Saudi/Zionist supplied TOW and Kornet rockets.  That’s what they thought.

Yesterday, SAA confirmed that the area had no citizens and reported that to the SAAF.  For a period of 30 minutes, the Syrian Arab Air Force pounded all suspected positions forcing the rodents into the afore-mentioned tunnel for safety.  Once spotters affirmed the withdrawal of terrorists into the tunnel, Syrian Army Special Forces units trained by Spetsnaz at Semferopol were brought in from their bases in Al-Qutayfa and Republican Guard bases near Dummar.  Entryways to the tunnels were identified and secured.  Field commanders gave the go-ahead to toss special grenades into the tunnels in order to force the rats deeper so that commandos could enter in large numbers.

Monzer describes the scene as surreal.  One could hear the rodents screaming “Allahu Akbar” constantly as they were bayoneted, stabbed  and shot by the vastly superior SAA-SF commandos.  Shooting was intense.  Because the SAA cut off the electrical supply to the tunnel, Republican Guard special operations commandos used illuminating devices (which I cannot reveal) to open the way in.  The battle lasted 2 hours.  38 dead rodents lay inside with a variety of wounds attesting to the ferocity of the combat which proved how futile this insurgency real is.  Monzer has confirmed the surrender of over 50 rodents who were turned over to security for interrogation.  As I write, the SAA is advancing with lightning speed – momentum on its side –  the rats scurrying helter-skelter for cover.


Bayt Jinn:  Reports flowing in of significant rat losses here at the hands of SAA and PDC.  We are watching this area closely and will apprise our readers as soon as details come in.  Major operation.





Harastaa:  PDC assassinated 2 rodent leaders of 2 subgroups within the “Jaysh Al-Umma” terrorist Takfiri organization.  The 2 were:

‘Imaad Al-Barhamji: (leader of a gang called Liwaa` Al-Basheer)

Hishaam Mahfoozh (leader of Liwaa` Dir’ Al-Rasool.  “Shield of the Messenger Brigade, yawn)

It was a perfect drive-by shooting – went off without a hitch.  These groups share an area with the soon-to-be-very-dead Zahraan ‘Alloosh.  There are rumors abounding, Monzer reports, that ‘Alloosh turned over these rats to the government forces in an effort to curry favor and insure his safe withdrawal from Doumaa.  It was a good will gesture, so to speak.


Zibdeen:  150 citizens evacuated by SAA to Jaramaana.  Expect a huge assault by SAA on this area over the next few days.  The rats are weakening in materiel and resolve.  Kill them all.



وحدات الحماية في الجيش تؤمن خروج عشرات العائلات من بلدة زبدين إلى جرمانا



عودة مئات اللاجئين السوريين من تركيا عبر معبر تل أبيض

Hundreds of Syrian families have crossed from Turkey back to their homeland as the Syrian Army continues to mop up whole areas and cleanse them of the plague of NATO-supported terrorism.  They returned through the Tal Abyadh Crossing at Acjakate, Turkey, without incident.

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