Madhaayaa:  With superb intelligence data provided from a plethora of sources, the SAAF was ordered into the air to strike at a meeting of Al-Qaeda/Nusra leaders accompanied by several from the Ahraar Al-Shaam group.  Inside the meeting were suspected Mossad advisors, according to our sources.  The strike took place at a home in the northern neighborhood of the town where the terrorists leaders were relaxing and basking in the glow of their idiot Zionist handlers who reportedly spoke Arabic fluently with a Druze accent.


The SAAF opted for a helicopter attack using their Mi-Hind-25 workhorse flying fortresses.  One missile was fired and struck the home precisely. The copter then swung around and strafed the home with 2 heavy machine guns to insure maximum lethality.

‘Abdullah Naaseef (Nusra leader as important as Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani was wounded and is being treated for critical wounds in a Zionist quack hospital in Safad)

Naasser Jadeed

Fu`aad Al-Ahmad

Sa’ad Zeena

Muhammad Diyaab Nammoos

Muraad Mansoor

Hamza Shibli

Muhammad Fidhdha

The rest were not identified as the area has not been fully assessed.  Many foreigners in the group.  No word on the Mossad rats, yet. A nice bit of revenge for the attack on Hizbollah and General Allaahdaadeh.


Al-Nusra Terrorists Suffer Major Losses across Damascus

Heavy fighting now in Doumaa, Kafr Yaaboos, Al-Qalamoon.

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