Doumaa:  We have told you on numerous occasions that ‘Alloosh is on the verge of death.  We meant it.  Yesterday, in an attempt to recover the old luster he tapped his nail into his own coffin.  At the gate to the Wattaar Factory in Doumaa, he tried to send in hundreds of his remaining rats to control the factory and use it as a base to facilitate penetration of the capital.  His plan was to put areas of the capital under his “fire control”.  The problem he had was that MI had been monitoring many communications and found converging evidence of the plan to attack the factory.  Needless to say,  the SAA was immediately informed of the plan and prepared the area to snare him.

The SAA’s ambush was to involve creating the impression in the minds of the attacking terrorists that the factory was left unguarded at night but for a few soldiers on the periphery.  Thus, when the rats would come in and find the area vacated, they would order more of their litter-mates to further reinforce their positions.  What the SAA did, was to conceal hundreds of infantrymen around the factory while placing sharpshooters in positions advantageous for their specialty.  According to our sources, once the rats had congregated inside the factory, both artillery and infantry opened fire on them killing an estimated 40+ in the first burst.  What happened thereafter was a turkey shoot.

We don’t have the details yet on the casualties suffered by ‘Alloosh’s rats.  We do know that the airwaves were filled with invective and accusations by groups allied with ‘Alloosh accusing him and his confederates of treason and treachery.  It is also noted that the plan may have been hatched by the feckless, useless and brainless apes of Saudi Arabia operating out of Jordan.  Some evidence of that – although nothing detailed.  ‘Alloosh is finished and his organization is on the threshold of dissolution.



Putin outmaneuvers Erdoghan.  Watch for changes in Turk policy and watch how the neo-cons destroy America:

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John Esq. sends this article which he explains tells us nothing we didn’t already know:

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