DAYR EL-ZOR:  It is appearing more and more like a trap set by the Syrian Army for the columns of ISIS rodents who are desperately trying to forestall the government’s advance on the city of Al-Raqqa.  I have received a message from Monzer indicating that Syrian Army drones had picked up on the concentrations of rodents along the Iraqi border and that the Iraqi authorities, also, gave Damascus a heads-up on rat communications and deployments.  There was no surprise here.  The availability of reinforcements on such short notice also indicates readiness with the airbase reportedly flush with fuel for the various SAAF wings.  As it appears now, the SAA has blocked all routes out of Al-Jafra and Al-Muree’iyya, while pounding the two areas relentlessly, day and night, without any respite.  We can confirm now the death of one of ISIS’s main rodent leaders in the assault, Raami Hussayn Al-Hussayn, at Huwayjat Al-Muree’iyya 

طائرات حربية سورية تدمر رتلاً لإرهابيي

WARNING TO READERS:  Rat news sites are feeding some gullible sources like Al-Alam with phony news about Dayr El-Zor.  The pattern is clear and it’s even more clearly the product of CIA and MI6 manipulation.  The U.S. is privately supporting ISIS at the request of the Saudi apes.  Don’t buy into the story that the U.S. is fighting ISIS.  It’s not.



القضاء على مجموعة إرهابية أثناء تفخيخها الطريق الترابي بين عتمان وطفس

Al-Shaykh Miskeen:  The SAA continues to roll into this town and liberate block after block of the rat infestation.  Nusra and its confederates in the groups called Harakat Al-Muthanna and Kateebat Usood Al-Tawheed (Lions of Monotheism Brigade, yawn) tried to break out of the town and attack SAA strongpoints.  They failed miserably:

Salaah ‘Adnaan Al-Khalaf (Leader of Lions of Monotheism.  A/k/a “Al-Dabboor”, the Wasp! Oooooh)

Talaal Muhammad Jaanu

Ahmad Sa’eed Al-Masri

Ma’an Fahmi Naabulusi

Ameer Al-Turkmaani

Fawwaaz Ahmad ‘Awwaad (Died of wounds at hands of Jordanian quack doctors in Jordanian hospital) 

Tayseer Al-Hutayti (Died of wounds, also, at hands of Jordanian shaman in Jordanian hospital)

The SAA destroyed a pickup with 23mm cannon.  Of note: SAA monitored rat communications with officers in the Zionist Abomination.  The voices were clearly those of heavily-accented, Slavic-type, Arabic.


‘Itmaan-Tafas Road:  A dirt road.  The Nusra rodents were caught red handed planting IEDs.  All 3 were killed by alert SAA infantrymen.  No names.


Ibta’:  A warehouse for Nusra loaded with ammunition from the Zionist Settler State was destroyed. Inside were IEDs ready to blow up by remote control.  The blast was pretty big, according to Monzer.  Inside the warehouse were 5 rodents all of whom went up in vapor.


Fighting reported here: Al-Faqee’, Tafas, Daa’il, ‘Itmaan.

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