Kafr Mayyit/Abu Al-Zubayr/Baalis/Qumaynaas Axis:  The SAA conducted a flawless raid on Erdoghan’s Nusra rodents and killed 16 while wounding a reported 11:

Saamir Al-Sirmaani

Ghaazi Shamlaan

‘Abdul-‘Azheem Furaykaash

Zaahi Mahmoud Zi’innu

Muhammad Sharafuddeen

The rest of the dead were confirmed foreigners, some Turks and some Georgians.


Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  We can confirm a successful assassination operation by MI operatives targeting a major leader of Ahraar Al-Shaam, Ismaa’eel Al-Subay’ (a/k/a “Abu Daawood”).  He was found thrown inside a clutch of bushes with a bullet lodged in his head.  He was a designer for IED factories.


تدمير عربات مفخخة ونسف خطوط إمداد العصابات التكفيرية في ريف درعا

Members of the Popular Defense Committees (formely the NDF) keep their eyes peeled for crawling rats.

Abu Al-Dhuhoor Airbase area:   Stalwart SAA continue to knock back the pathetic Nusra efforts to overrun a base for which they have no use.

Kinsafraa:  A uniquely precise operation near the Auction House in the Al-Zaawiya Mountain area netted 14 rats belonging to Nusra.  This area is infested with Nusra, Harakat Hazm, Ahraaf Al-Shaam and Ma’roof’s glorious Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front (yawn).  The names of the killed has not been relayed to me, yet.  This was an ambush that went off perfectly.

Salqeen and Al-Raami Village:  These 2 towns overlook Turk Occupied Syria, namely Hatay, and they are infested with plague-carrying rodents of Nusra.  Yesterday, citizens came out and emulated the inhabitants of Doumaa by demanding that the rats leave immediately.  They also expressed scorn for the biggest rat of them all, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, whose days are numbered.

نساء سلقين بريف إدلب يتظاهرن ضد انتهاكات إرهابيي


Al-Sahn Village near Jisr Al-Shughoor:  Skirmishing with no details.




مقتل عدد من الإرهابيين باستهداف تجمعات لهم في خان أرنبة بريف القنيطرة

Al-Shaykh Miskeen:  The Syrian Army continues to tear away at the lifeblood of the rat armies armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, trained by the Jordanian Dwarf King and his skunks, and aided and abetted by the Zionist Tay-Sachs Ghetto State.

Yesterday, an Al-Jazeera “reporter” (what a joke!) was killed when his own car collided with a Nusra vehicle as he was embedded with the terrorists and covering their glorious exploits for the world’s most degrading “news” and propaganda network.  That’s right folks, Mahraan Al-Dayri, rammed his car into another one driven by a fellow rat and died instantly at the scene.  Boo hoo hoo.  According to his family litter of rodents, he turned his lights off so he wouldn’t be shot at by the SAA – great move. Right?  He was known to run guns for the terrorists and was a rabid hater of minorities.

He was running guns for the Nusra cannibals and worked for Qatar’s intrepid General Intelligence Agency which is led by a former Mossad officer.  This slimy rat was from Al-Shaykh Miskeen and didn’t have the decency to thank the Ba’ath Party for the free education he got in journalism at the University of Damascus.  Let him burn in Hell.


Other rodents killed with this vile lump of simian excrement were:

Moussaa Khalaf Al-Muflih

Sameer Ishaaq Qash’am

Falaah Maalik Mu’zir

Ahmad Mahmoud Hilaal

Shaakir Sidqi A’waan

Muhammad Zaayid Al-Nusayraat (JORDANIAN APE VOMIT)

Muhammad Ahmad Jaamoos

Another 5 could not be identified.  The SAA also destroyed 3 pickups with 23mm cannons and 6 vans carrying weapons and ammunition to the 2 groups called Nusra and Harakat Al-Muthanna.


Nawaa:  The SAA relentless here:

Baasil Jarwaan ‘Uwaydaat (Another soon-to-be extinct clan of rodents)

Muhammad Yusuf Al-Sa’di


Al-Naaziheen Camp:  On Tuesday, the SAA targeted and killed one of the area’s most notorious gangsters who led a group called Kateebat Madfa’iyyat Sijjeel (Artillery of Dried Mud Brigades.  See the Koranic chapter on the Elephant to figure out what “sijjeel” is).  He was Ramzi Abaazeed, another member of a major Der’ah clan facing extinction.


Der’ah City:  6 separate nests of Nusra jackals were invaded and destroyed by SAA and PDC at the Arba’een Quarter after they had fired 11 propane canisters filled with military grade TNT and enhancers provided by King Pygmy of Amman.  The number killed is estimated at 30+.


Tal Al-Za’tar:  An attempted suicide bombing using another fat truck against an SAA outpost saw the driver go up like a puff of vapor and his truck sitting on the side waiting for the junkyard pickup.   Monzer writes that he was smiling as he was ejected in a ball of lights out of his truck and into the waiting arms of Satan.


Daa’il:  Very precise artillery fire by SAA bull’s-eyed a pack of hyenas traveling in a flatbed.


North ‘Itmaan:  Another miserable attack on an SAA checkpoint was repelled and 2 rodents killed:

Saafi Ahmad Al-Jabali 

Muhammad Haani Bahlawaan


‘Itmaan-Tafass Unpaved Road: Fighting with no details.


East Inkhil:  Fighting with no details.


Ibta’:  SAA killed a confirmed 9 and took 3 prisoners.  A vehicle was reported destroyed with weapons and ammunition seized for distribution to our militias for killing Wahhabists.


Old Customs in Der’ah City:  We are seeing the end of this area as a conduit for the delivery of weapons and ammunition from King Dwarf of Jordan.


Al-Faqee’, Jaassim, Dayr Al-‘Adas:   Fighting with no details.




Al-Nabk:  A year after the town’s liberation, the Syrian flag is hoisted up the highest pole in the Qalamoon to commemorate the event that would free the formerly-tormented people of western Damascus Province.  Major political figures and notables attended the event which was marked by a sense of jubilation and relief as the Syrian Army continues the onslaught against the NATO/Zionist/Wahhabist criminals.



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