Heroes of our Syrian Army stare down at ‘Alloosh’s nimrods who couldn’t avoid an ambush even in a dense fog.

Doumaa:  Under a thick, pea-soup-like fog at early dawn in Doumaa, a pack of 6 rodents belonging to ‘Alloosh’s notoriously inept Jaysh Al-Islam attempted to surprise soldiers manning a checkpoint in Al’Aaliya Farms.  Unfortunately for the very unfortunate rodents, their illustrious leader has a serious problem with his cellphone; he can’t stop using it.  He actually was heard describing the operation to a person believed to be a Saudi in Jordan.  He promised “results”.  MI immediately informed Damascus Central Command which alerted the soldiers on the scene at the checkpoint and instructed them in how to set an ambush given the exact number of rats involved.  A sergeant at the post ordered his soldiers to fan out in a semi-circle and waited for the blurred shapes of the rodents to appear inside the very dense fog.  When they were determined to have crossed a fail-safe line, he opened fire with his AK47 along with the other 14 soldiers and wiped out the whole pack killing 5 (see photo above) and taking one wounded warbler. The names will be revealed in due course. Good show, Syrian Army!

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