The encirclement of Aleppo and attendant choke-off of all supply and reinforcement pathways is now complete. Unlike the situation before when the encirclement was by virtue of artillery control, Aleppo is now hermetically sealed with the presence of the army at every artery serving this northern capital.  South and West Handaraat are firmly under the control of the SAA where our soldiers found a huge Turk-supplied arsenal of weapons in cleverly concealed locations defended by die-hard, suicidal degenerates.  The number of rodents killed has not been announced yet, but, it promises to be quite large.  Rat communications demonstrate desperation as their one last claim to fame has disappeared.


Al-Mallaah Farms and Properties:  Completely under control of SAA.  The remnant rats have headed to the north for the security of Erdoghan’s Kingdom of Murder.


Handaraat:  Very important. And the most important parts are the south and west which fell to the SAA yesterday after the virulent plague-carrying rodents abandoned their sinking ship and headed north.  The Al-Kindi Hospital is also now under the control of the SAA although it has been pillaged by the scavenging heretics of Nusra rendering it useless for the treatment of human beings.


To find the Al-Mallaah Farms scroll to the northwest of Handaraat and you’ll see it.


Jaraabulus:  ISIS has reportedly executed 21 young men for blasphemy and “collaboration with the government”.


Manbij:  Once controlled only by rival gangs fighting for territory, this town is now infested with something even worse: English and German terrorists bent on murdering their way to Paradise.  For some time, the SAA had exercised partial control over the town in agreement with the gangs we mentioned, however, the troops were need elsewhere leaving the citizens with little protection from Erdoghan’s cockroaches.  If you think English soccer fans are a drag, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


De Mistura’s efforts to “freeze” fighting in Aleppo was exposed as motivated by a desire to preserve some terrorist control of the city for the purposes of negotiating.  All sources we have and to whom we have listened are saying the same thing: De Mistura, like Kofi Annan and Lakhdar Brahimi, is nothing more than a Saudi/Zionist/Erdoghani/NATO catamite hardly worth the time the Syrians have given him.   Let him freeze fighting now.



Even the Ukrainians are making up stories for public consumption and indigestion:

Erdoghan’s paranoia in full bloom:

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