الجيش السوري يوسع دائرة عملياته في محيط مطار دير الزور

I was not able to post about the situation in Idlib decause of the amount of time it took to translate the post concerning remarks made to a Palestinian delegation to Damascus and the meeting with Dr. Assad.  I can now give you a detailed report about the battle conditions at both Abu Dhuhoor and Al-Haamidiyya Airbases.   I want to advise all of you to expect an inordinate amount of lying by the western stooge media, especially the ones controlled by MI6 like the BBC and SOHR.  The situation is much better than you think.

On Monday, the SAA launched a massive counter-attack at the Abu-Dhuhoor base killing a confirmed 63 Nusra rodents, their carcasses still strewn about the perimeter of the base.  The counter-attack was remarkable for the number of missiles fired by the SAA.  This is normally not done unless there are identifiable concentrations of rats.

On Monday, the SAA defended all positions around the Al-Haamidiyya military base killing 45 Ahraar Al-Shaam vultures.

The attack on the 2 bases involved 2,300 rodents in mechanized units armed with American-supplied TOW anti-tank launchers and rockets.  These were evidently taken from an almost-liquidated group called the Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front led by Jamaal Ma’roof who is now comfortably watching the events in Erdoghan’s Turkey and Harakat Hazm, another Al-Qaeda off-shoot called “moderate” by the ignorant Zionist-controlled Americans.

The Abu-Dhuhoor AB was evacuated after intelligence was evaluated and a decision taken by the MoD that it would be too costly in lives and materiel to try to hold out in the face of the large Nusra attacking force.  The decision was made to redeploy the troops at the nearby Al-Haamidiyya base.  IT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE SPREAD BY THE RODENT PROPAGANDA MACHINE THAT BOTH BASES WERE OVERRUN BY THE TERRORISTS.




As I write to you now, there is heavy fighting in the Abu Dhuhoor area and north of Tal Salmu.  It appears the SAA is determined to oust the American and Turk supported rodents.  I am pleased also to tell you that the base contains no usable aircraft which has been the case for over a year.

Fighting also in these areas: Al-Samaka Village, Khaan Shaykhoon, North Al-Majaas (near the base), Bayyaa’a, Ma’r Hattaat, East Raabiyat Al-Khabaayaa, North Humaymaat (near the base), Kafr Nibbul (huge losses).


Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  A major missile strike devastated the Nusra rodents around this town which is the birthplace of one of history’s greatest poets and freethinkers, Abu Al-‘Alaa` Al-Ma’rri.  The rats have admitted to “huge” losses here as a torrent of missiles crashed down on them when they were not expecting it.  A C&C center was completely vaporized with 14 leaders inside:

Abu Bilaal (Id pending. LEBANTEEZIAN REPTILE VOMIT. Leader of Nusra in Haarim)

Khayreddeen Al-Sarraaf

Mahmoud ‘Aadil Haaroon

Haazim Al-Sa’daawi

The rest were not named.  According to Ba’ath sources, the rat field hospitals are overflowing with dead carcasses and injured rodents.


Kaneesat Nakhla  and Lower Al-Kastan in the Jisr Al-Shughoor area:  horrific losses to Ahraar Al-Shaam after SAA hurls scores of missiles at them.  No details, yet.

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