الجيش السوري يبدأ المرحلة الثانية من عمليات القصير




Hallooz Village:  A village nestled in the mountains just to the west of Jisr Al-Shughoor.  This is my wife’s mother’s home town.  It is totally Christian with most residents being related to one another. There is a church with a fountain that spews ice cold, crystal clear mountain spring water that is absolutely luscious.  It is no secret why rats from derelict nations like Libya, Saudi Arabia or Sudan would want to nest here and drive the indigenous Christians out.

Well, yesterday, a crack unit of paratroopers invaded the town at dawn and struck hard at a chicken hatchery killing every single miserable cockroach there.  Weapons and ammunition were seized and reserved for the Popular Defense Committees.  I have not received the names of the 14 vermin whose carcasses were quickly reduced to dust and ash.


Al-Jaanoodiyya Village:  Also, in the Jisr Al-Shughoor area.  The same unit of paratroopers put these rats to death:


Abu Muhammad Al-Sa’oodi (SAUDI ARABIAN HOG LINT)


Kafr ‘Uwayd:  Near Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, 65kms from Idlib City.  In this area you find mostly Nusra, Jabhat Thuwwaar Sooriyya, Harakat Hazm, Ahraar Al-Shaam and Jund Al-Aqsa.  You find them here because they have safe houses in Turkey where they are protected by the Turk runt and mass murderer, Erdoghan.  Yesterday, in an operation linked to the upcoming assault on the Khaan Shaykhoon area, the SAA killed 6 Nusra rats.  I have no names.


The situation at the 2 military bases, Waadi Dhayf and Al-Haamidiyya, is murky.  It appears that the SAA left Waadi Dhayf to reinforce at Al-Haamidiyya.  I won’t write until I am certain about the events there.  I will transmit any information I get to you when I’m certain the information is accurate.


Darkoosh:  SAA clashed with Nusra rats here and killed a reported 4 while wounding an undisclosed number.  I have no names.


Mu’allali Village:  A number of vultures were killed along with the destruction of the van transporting them. No other details.


DAYR EL-ZOR:  We are always delighted to report new alliances with the SAA.  Two days ago, we learned that 200 members of the large Shu’aytaat Tribe joined the PDC and are now helping to protect the city of Dayr El-Zor alongside the great Syrian Army.  As many of you know, this tribe was subjected to unspeakable brutality at the hands of the ISIS barbarians and their members are itching for revenge.  I wouldn’t want to be an ISIS prisoner in their hands any more than I’d want to be a Khwarezmian Shah in the hands of Genghiz Khan.     


Jafra Village:  The SAA has opened a new corridor into this important area, piercing ISIS defenses and killing a number of the rats.  Extremely heavy combat going on now.  No details are available yet.


Al-Huwayqa: NDF fought hand-to-hand combat with attacking ISIS rats who were only 20 meters away behind their fortifications.  No details.


MuHassan Town:  SAA artillery is shattering ISIS positions here as most of the population has departed.  Reports of Shu’aytaat tribesmen assisting the SAA by cleaning up areas.  This town is a C&C HQ for ISIS and its fall would be a boon to the SAA and the war against its savagery.

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