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Al-Wa’er:  The SAA started this assault on December 22, 2014 and it is continuing until today.  The focus of the action is on Al-Kharaab Avenue which separates this quarter from the rest of Homs, a city now in a state of total peace, free of the plague of European-supported rodents.   The terrorists here are almost all foreigners, many being from uncivilized regions like Chechnya, Kazakhstan and France.  Precise and controlled operations are the rule here, with our artillery landing with incredible exactitude what with many spotters on the ground and a very detailed knowledge of the area.  Terrorist websites admit these Syrians died in fighting last night:

Faadi Abu Ayman of the Islamic Jihad Brigade (yawn)

Abu ‘Ubayda Tibya (Id pending)

Our source in Latakia has received a report that 22 carcasses were counted in fighting but there is no way to assess the area.

On December 23, 2014, foreign rodents attempted to infiltrate out into the orchards area of Al-Wa’er but were repulsed.  This is a constant theme now.  The trapped terrorists are anxious to leave for better surroundings although the SAA has taken a position that they cannot be allowed to leave. Too many are Islamist extremists who must be arrested or killed.

Also, on the same day, there was an attempt to infiltrate into the horse grazing area at the 6th block.  It, too, was thwarted by alert infantry.

In addition to that, the SAA vaporized an HQ and C&C center operated by Nusra at the Blue Mall at the western edge of the area where a large cache of weapons was seized to be used by our militias in killing Saudi Arabian apes.  Of the dead were:

Thaabit Fakhri Al-Doomaani


Radhwaan ‘Abdul-Lateef

Safwaan Qurra

The other 8 were deemed foreign and could not be identified.

On December 22, 2014, there was heavy fighting in these areas:  Kafr Laahaa, Taldu, Al-Naasiriyya Quarter in the Hoolaa, Talbeesa, Rasm Al-Taweel, Ruhoom, ‘Unq Al-Hawaa, Umm Sharshooh,

Jabbooreen: Also on December 22, 2014, 15 confirmed foreign rodents killed here as they tried to infiltrate into a military checkpoint area.  No names.

Al-Hiraaki Village:  Another assault on an SAA checkpoint was beaten back by our soldiers in the eastern part of the province.

Al-Saalihiyya Village:  More attacks on outposts result in 6 fertilizer bags for next years harvest.  No names.

Fighting reported at Al-Barghoothiyya, Umm Jurayd, Al-Hilaaliyya Farms, Tal Abu Al-Sanaasil, Burj Abu Haneefa, North Al-Shindaakkhiyya, East Salaam and Tarfaawi in Jubb Al-Jarraah area, Al-Tafha.

Between Ghajar and Keeseen: A van with weapons was stopped and destroyed.  2 rodents killed.

Ramzi Al-Shaaweesh

Muhammad Ahmad ‘Ujoom

Areas where rat losses were heaviest: Bayt Raabi’a and Ghantu, Jubb Al-Jarraah at the hatcheries where a pack of foreign rodents was eliminated, Al-Mushayrifa, Al-Shaa’er Mountain


Al-Duwwaara area near Palmyra (Tadmur):  ISIS managed to disable the machines for the wells which provide water to the citizens of the city in another effort to win their hearts and minds.  IEDs were found by SAA sappers which were left to kill technicians who would want to restore service.  Isn’t that sweet of the American-supported rats?

On December 25, 2014, Christmas Day, fighting was reported here: Rajm Al-Qassr, Al-Sultaaniyya, Al-Mazbal, Between Khattaab Village and Mushayrifa, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Mas’ada, Umm Al-Reesh, Jubb Al-Jarraah.

On December 27 – 28 of 2014:

Taldu Clinic:  Heavy artillery rocked the huddled vermin northwest of the city of Homs at a distance of about 27 kms.  No detailed report available

West Al-Salaam Village and Al-Sultaaniyya Village:  68 kms from Homs, a uniquely effectuated plan netted 8 ISIS rodents.  All were foreign.

Fighting reported in these areas:  Rajm Al-Qassr, West Habra, Tallat Al-Sawma’ah, Hirsh Umm Sahreej, South Al-Mushayrifa, ‘Unq Al-Hawaa, Al-Rastan, Jabbooreen, Bayt Raabi’ah, Al-Hilaaliyya Farms, Al-Ghantu in area of East Salaam and Tarfaawi Village

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