Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Repels Terrorists' Attack on Deir Ezzur Military Airport



‘Uqayrabaat:  East of the city by 70kms near Bil’aas Mountain.  The SAA and SAAF killed scores of Nusra hyenas and spotted a large convoy of cars speeding away with wounded.  No more details.


Qastoon:  At the crossing, 90kms from the city, the SAA and PDC wiped out a pack of rats belonging to Nusra.  According to Wael, 9 were taken prisoner and are warbling.


East Hama City in the Industrial area:  On December 14, 2014, a 1 and 1/2 ton IED designed to explode by remote control inside a stolen van and loaded with C-4, shaped like a square, was disassembled and neutralized.


Jurooh Village: 8kms northeast of ‘Uqayrabaat, the SAA killed 5 Nusra cockroaches.

Adham Deeraani

Muhammad Jantu

The other 3 were not identified and are believed to be foreign.


Qulayb Al-Thawr:  (“Little Heart of the Bull or Var: Qaleeb Al-Thawr, i.e. “Well of the Bull”).  SAA cleaned out a nest of rats killing 7.  No names.


Al-Khudhayra in the Salamiyya area to its east:  Salamiyya is home to Syria’s Ismaa’eeli population who are Sevener Shi’is.  3 nests were identified by locals and destroyed by SAA and PDC.


Al-Lataamina:  Near Mork which was liberated in late November.  The SAA has established complete artillery control over the area.  Be patient. The SAA is about to liberate it, also.


Kafr Zaytaa:  A stash of weapons and ammunition was uncovered after the SAA killed 4 rodents guarding it.  The cache will be distributed to our militias for the purpose of killing Saudi rat-monkeys.

Zayd Mahmoud Al-Khishin

‘Abdul-Samad ‘Ilayyaan

Rasheed Ahmad

Taahir Khaleel Abu-Al-Haaj


Fighting also here: Kafr Nabbooda, Abu Hanaayaa, Janaa Al-‘Ilbaawi, South Al-Qastal, Qasr Ibn Wardaan, ‘Aqaarib Al-Saafiya east of Salamiyya, Ma’rzaaf, Al-Barghoothiyya southeast of Salamiyya


Abu Hubaylaat:  SAA Special Forces assaulted a nest of rats and killed all 16 in a battle that lasted 2 hours.

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