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Al-Burayj:  Ahraar Al-Shaam is becoming as inept as ‘Alloosh’s gang of idiots.  Yesterday, on Friday, they were surrounded by the SAA and wiped out:

Ahmad Moussaa Al-Khudhr

Ramadhaan Haaj-Khamees

Muslih Hussayn Barakaat

Saalih Al-Bakkaar

Abu ‘Ali Fahd (Id pending)


Aleppo City:  The MoJ announced the granting of amnesty to 85 former rodents who surrendered their weapons and vowed to abjure terrorism.


Bani Zayd:  Scores of rats belonging to the Liwaa` Shuhadaa` Badr (Martyrs of Badr Brigade.  Badr refers to a signally important battle fought by Muhammad the Messenger during the early days of the Islamic struggle for survival),  an offshoot of Nusra, were felled in a major battle on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, during their effort to assault fixed SAA positions.  The battle took place at the Al-Jood Association Quarter on the A’zaaz-Aleppo Road near the Al-Zahraa`Municipal Building.  The area is close to Layramoon.  Wael has heard that over 40 rodents were killed, but, has received no details.


JAMEEL QADDOOR, the rodent who built the Hellfire (Jahannam) rocket was assassinated by ISIS.  The SAA found his body in a mass grave left by ISIS rodents near Al-Nayrab.  He had been shot in the head.


Fighting reported in Bayaanoon, Kafeen, Huraytaan, Salaahuddeen, Al-Raashideen 4th Block, Layramoon, Al-Nayrab.



If you have an interest in the Zionist attack on Syria yesterday, read this:

Dr. Staggenborg enunciates clearly the black hole into which the U.S. is leading the “Free World”:

Penny also weighs in on the Zionist air strike on Syria. And she has started to refer to our government in Damascus as a “government” and not a “regime”:

And now Brandon delivers his take on the Zionist air raids:

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