Kaseef Al-Sinn:  East of Nawaa in the shadow of the Golan Heights, in a huge and unique operation, the SAA has, once again, outsmarted the rodents of Nusra and their Zionist imbecile enablers.

‘Umar Al-Haaj Miqdaad

Muhammad Al-Haaj Miqdaad

Marwaan Hussayn Al-Daws

‘Ali Bakri Al-Su’ayb

Kinaan Sufyaan Al-‘Abdullah (leader of Liwaa` Shuhadaa` Ghabaaghib, yawn)

‘Abdul-Majeed Mansour Al-Naassir (leader of Kateebat Saqr Quraysh, double yawn)

Monzer reports that “terrorist-supporting sites are confirming the disaster and providing names of carcasses.


Nawaa:  For your record-keeping, the primary terrorist groups here are Liwaa` Al-Tawheed, Liwaa` Jaydoor Hawraan, Liwaa` Hamza Assadullah. They are all on the endangered species list. 


Basr Al-Hareer:  More dung beetles go down to the big compost heap in Satan’s gardens:

Sabri Hassan Al-Bukayri (leader of Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Lijaat, yawn)


Daa’el:  I reported that Ahmad Hussayn Al-Rifaa’iy was wounded here some days ago and was spirited off to Al-Ramtha Hospital where Jordanian quacks gave him treatment.  Well. He’s dead.  Boo hoo hoo.  Thanks, Jordanian doctors.


Al-Shaykh Miskeen:  22kms from the city.  A vehicle with rodents was waylaid and destroyed by SAA.  It was loaded with weapons in the rear and in the side panels.  It was all Nusra and Harakat Al-Muthannaa.  It was here that the “Ameer” (commander) of Nusra was sent to Hell:

Abu Turaab Al-Muhaajir (Id pending. His name means “father of dirt”.  He is very likely a foreigner from Chechnya)


West Al-Ghaariyya and ‘Almaa Road:  9 armored vehicles in a convoy were disabled or destroyed.  Some of the vehicles were rigged with 23mm cannons.  No names of terrorists available yet.


Aqrabaa:  Northwest of the City by 48kms.  A large number of foreign rodents coming in from Jordan were killed here by SAA and PDC.  Here are the only Syrians:

Faheem Lutfi ‘Abbood

‘Ikrima Saalih Jamaaluddeen

Saami Muhammad Al-Zaahid


Almaa:  22kms from the city and a major archeological site being stripped by NATO-supported rats.  Yesterday, the SAA killed an undisclosed number.


Al-Lijaat:  A large area to the north of Der’ah.  It is very treacherous territory perfectly designed for hiding rats in its rocky fastnesses.  I have received reports of hundreds of dead vermin over the last few weeks here in a campaign by the SAA which is not being publicized much in the press.


Fighting reported here:  Ibta’, Inkhil, Busraa Al-Shaam, ‘Itmaan, Dayr ‘Adas  



Well, surprise! Anybody surprised?  We’re not and it’s all true:

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