Harastaa-Jawbar-‘Irbeen-Cloverleaf:  From the cloverleaf to the Ministry of Irrigation Building and to the Lamees Factory, a 160 feet-long tunnel with a depth of 7 feet, was uncovered by SAA soldiers.  It actually branched off with one leg heading for the administrative building and the other to the factory.  It was used to transport rodents and their equipment.  No longer.  The tunnels were destroyed.  It is interesting to note that the tunnels went under some offices of the Air Force Intelligence Directorate and the AFI prison.  Luckily, no damage done there.


Doumaa:  Poor ‘Alloosh. So misunderstood.  Last night, one of his stalwarts in the Jaysh Al-Islam rode his own kite to Hell:

Muhyi-Al-Deen ‘Ayyaash


Jawbar:  Several nests were destroyed along with new tunnel networks and trenches.  It’s curtains.


‘Arsaal Foothills on the Lebanese border.  A Nusra vehicle was targeted and destroyed attempting to infiltrate into Syria.


Fighting in the Damascus area is subsiding.  The terrorists have lost the battle to enter the capital. ‘Alloosh is still cringing and holding on to his blanket.




بالفيديو..تقدم الجيش في ريف درعا وريف دمشق

Al-Baraagheeti Village on Saraaqib-Abu Dhuhoor Road:  The SAA and PDC struck gold by killing 42 Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam hyenas in a perfectly planned operating using infantry to force the packs of rodents to coalesce in one place and artillery to pulverize them:

Abu ‘Uqba Al-Muraassid (Id pending. Libyan nationality)

There were 2 confirmed Saudi Scarabians and 1 other Libyan.

The only Syrians in the piles of carcasses were these:

Muflih Jihaad Al-Haaris

Ghayth Muhammad Sahnoon


Al-Akraad Mountains:  Right at the Turk border.  This is a site rich in antiquities including the venerated Armenian church called St. Anna’s, arguably the oldest church ever built by Armenians.  The SAA killed 8 rodents in a firefight here.  It shows we are getting closer to Erdoghan’s throat.


Central Prison in the City:  13 leaders of Al-Qaeda, mostly foreign, were killed yesterday by the SAA:



No other names.


Saraaqib:  The SAA rained down artillery shells and rockets on the gathering vermin. No details have come in.  Wael reports “huge” losses to the rats.


Abu Dhuhoor AB area:  Scores of Nusra, Jabhat Al-Islam and Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam rats killed here as details are just beginning to be put together at the scene.


Ta’oom Village:  10 kms east of city.  Firefight. No details.


Al-Raami Village: In the Al-Zaawiya Mountains.  11 Ahraar Al-Shaam rats killed here:

Zuhayr Makhnooq (He was choking on his socks)

‘Amr Shihaab

Talaal Mahmoud ‘Aatallaah

The rest were foreigners.


Bikfaloon Wall:  9 Al-Qaeda rats killed in an ambush:

Hammood Abu Mu’aawiya (Id to be ascertained)

Khudhr Jaassim Karaatshaa

Hassan Muhammad Al-Ismaa’eel

The others were not identified.


Nahlayyaa:  A large number of rats killed here, but, no details, yet.


Al-Arba’een Mountain:  It’s summit overlooks Areeha and Idlib Plains.  Rats keep trying for a foothold here, without any success. Yesterday, several were killed pushing their huge stone up its slopes.  Completely under the control of the SAA.


Al-Lijj Village:  Fighting with no details.

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