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Most of you know that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigration in Syria, Walid Mua’allim, is not tasked with following military developments.  Yesterday, the minister announced Syria’s acquisition of Russian-manufactured S-300 anti-aircraft missile batteries.  The curious twist to this is that Syria has had the S-300s since at least 2010.  Your editor saw them on the Syrian coast (they might have been decoys, of course) and the president, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad admitted to having them in an interview in 2012.

SyrPer believes that the recent expansion of U.S. airstrikes to include northern Idlib where American stooge terrorists like the SRF and Harakat Hazm are facing extinction at the hands of a newly formed alliance between ISIS and Nusra has caught the Syrian government off guard.  So far, the U.S. has not hit SAA targets.  That would be a red line for Syria and Russia and would trigger the Syrian/Iranian Mutual Defense Pact.  As a precaution, while the U.S. has not seen fit to renew diplomatic relations with Damascus, Mr. Mu’allim was instructed to make the announcement about the S-300s as a warning.

Russia does not sell its technology to anyone without preconditions.  One of those regarding the S-300s is non-use except in theater warfare conditions.  When the Zionist Air Force struck the facility at Al-Kibar on the Euphrates, many wondered how effective the Syrian air defense system really was.   The answer lies in the agreement with Russia about disclosing technology to the enemy unnecessarily.  Syria did not fire its S-300s at the Zionist aircraft.  One theory is that the radar system accompanying the S-300s was not turned on at the time for technical reasons.  SyrPer believes that keeping the system concealed from enemy information-gathering technology was the real reason.

SyrPer wrote an article about the U.S.’s new plans to get in through the back door what it couldn’t through the front.  It is happening now.   The U.S. appears to be using the plight of its terrorist allies in SRF and Hazm as an excuse to strike at SAA in the Idlib and Aleppo areas.  Mr. Mu’allim is telling the U.S. that such actions will have dire consequences.  It is the diplomatic way between nations which do not have formal relations.

This morning, the U.S.A.F. hit positions held by the Ahraar Al-Shaam terrorist organization in northern Idlib Province.  It is also hitting at ISIS and Nusra at Kinsafra and Dayr Sunbul where American “moderate” terrorists are awaiting certain annihilation.   Reports are also coming in of large-scale defections from SRF to ISIS further emasculating Ma’roof’s group.

In the meantime, we can confirm ground action by the SAA in Kinsafra yesterday where 24 rodents were killed and 4 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.  All the carcasses were foreign.

At Al-Baarra Village, the SAA killed 17 rodents and confiscated a large stash of weapons and ammunition which will be turned over to the NDF for use in killing stinking Saudi apes.

Fighting reported heavy in these areas:  Al-Raami, Nahlayyaa, Al-Shaykh Idrees, Al-Tamaani’ah, Al-Habeet, Abu Al-Zhuhoor area, Billoon, Taftanaaz, Al-Lataamina. 

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