Syrian army makes further gains against ISIL militants



Tal ‘Urayd area:  Nusra tried attacking several checkpoints at ‘Ayn ‘Afaa, Tallat ‘Ayn ‘Afaa, Al-Faqee’ and Al-Dalli manned by SAA infantrymen and security personnel 6 days ago.  We did not report it because more details were to be sent about the battle.  It was a disaster for Nusra.  SyrPer has learned that 84 Nusra rats were killed in the firefights as Hind helicopters were deployed to kill the escaping rodents heading to their refuge in Jordan.  All told, 4 pickups with 23mm cannons were also disabled or destroyed.

Ahmad Al-Kadeesh

‘Adnaan Al-Furaati (IRAQI MICROBE)

Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Zanaaneeri

Daawood Fayyaadh

Mustafaa Al-Sulaymi

Baassim Ra’ad

Ahmad Abu-Ni’ma

Jamaal Uzkaayaa

Nooreddeen Zhaafer ‘Abbaadi

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Dawaaghira

Saamer Al-Ahmad

Fawwaaz Qadhdhood

Shaaher Fahmi

Deeb Manju

Muhammad Yaaseen

No other names were sent.  Monzer wrote that the majority of the carcasses were of foreigners.


Al-Shaykh Miskeen:  The SAA killed 15 rodents belonging to the Kataa`ib Al-Muqaatila and Al-Kataa`ib Al-Islamiyya here as the good guys continue to extend control over parts of this disputed town.  No names.


Fighting reported in Saydaa, Jeeza, West ‘Itmaan, Al-Nu’ayma



Penny goes for the jugular in this interesting analysis of Kurdish machinations and dreams. Don’t forget what I wrote about Ocalan as he sits on Imrali Island lapping up the accoutrements of a gentleman’s life. Remember that he ordered the assassination of Sakine Cansiz from his cell:

If you still don’t believe Erdoghan is bonkers, read this:

It looks like Abdullah Gul wasn’t so bad after all.  Get this tirade:

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