IDLIB:  It’s now official.  The Cannibal Olympiad has begun in Idlib Province where it is being held at Dayr Sunbul, Jamaal Ma’roof’s hometown, and Kinsafra (Nusra’s HQ in the Al-Zaawiya Mountains).   But the fighting is not only intense and existential, it is also metastatic.  It has spread to Ra`s Al-Ma’sara to the west of Kafr Nabbl, Ihsim and Kafr ‘Uwayd.

The background is Nusra’s (read: Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani’s) paranoia about U.S. aid to so-called “moderate” opposition groups like the Jabhat Thuwwaar Sooriyaa (Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front, SRF)  The American fave was “Harakat Hazm” which was described by American diplomats as a “secular” organization committed to democracy.  Now, before you regurgitate your breakfast, remember how desperate the Americans are – so desperate they now stretch the logic of language to include cannibals as members of that elite group.  You see, Harakat Hazm is allied with SRF by dint of American prodding, nay, insistence.  Without the fig leaf of these front groups, the U.S. will be seen as supporting Al-Qaeda, which it does anyways – but not openly or notoriously.  It’s a mess.

Add to this another organization deemed “moderate” by the brainiacs in Washington like Liwaa` Al-Ansaar (which has been delivered heavy weapons by the U.S.) and you have a real Donnybrook worthy of the demented nincompoops populating the American Eastern Seaboard.

Now, get this.  ISIS, no stranger to surreal battlefronts, is sending reinforcements to help Nusra after ISIS decimated the latter in some well-publicized battles over turf in both the east of Syria and the area north of Aleppo.  They have sent an estimated 900 sharp-toothed rodents to join the fray in the areas we just mentioned, including Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan.

Here’s the kicker, there is no doubt Nusra will overcome SRF and Hazm.  At Dayr Sunbul, Nusra seized over 80 BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles – precisely the weapons U.S. leaders promised Congress and the American apublic would not fall into Al-Qaeda’s hands.  Well!  SURPRISE!  It just happened and it’s confirmed.  TOW is an acronym for Tube-Launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-Guided rocket.  Like a Sagger or a Kornet, it requires nerves of steel once the operator is discovered.

Hazm has reinforced positions along the Idlib-Aleppo Highway to block any more resupplies or reinforcements to Nusra.  This was an American order.  The U.S. feels obliged to save its last rat packs from certain slaughter by the Qatari-financed and supported Nusra and the Turk-financed- and-supplied ISIS.  Again, a mess.  And, by the by, Hazm, led by a cheap lieutenant named ‘Abdullah ‘Awda (a/k/a Abu Zayd), is a Muslim Brotherhood franchise.  Isn’t that precious?

Now, we told you Nusra was going to overtake SRF’s and Hazm’s positions.  But, you can never count the Americans out.  It is here where they shine.  It is here where they embrace the emanations of the messes they create through sheer obstinacy and stupidity.  It is here when they send jets to bomb Nusra and ISIS in order to help their own trained rats.  In the meanwhile, the SAA continues to move forward and capture territory – all the while opportunistically pouncing on every terrorist sent to Syria by the constellation of imperialist sham democracies and their pre-Stone Age allies.

There is news about Ahraar Al-Shaam joining the battle on the side of SRF.  This will be a wonderful addition to the self-extinguishing machinations of these filthy, mindless, infantile cannibals created by the geniuses at Langley, Tel Aviv, Berlin, London and Doha.  Good show!  Keep up the good work!  Keep sending the moderate opposition TOW missiles.

Estimated terrorist deaths so far in the area of Idlib is 530.  Much needed fertilizer.

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