الفريج من مورك: ماضون في اقتلاع جذور الإرهاب وإعادة الأمن لسورية

HAMA:  Lt. General of the Syrian Arab Army and MInister of Defense, Fahd Jaassem Al-Furayj, reviewed positions and conditions of SAA forces in Mork (Al-Mawrek), Hilfaayaa, Arza and Khattaab.  General Al-Furayj hails from a town in Hama called Rahjaan, so it must have been delightful to see the diseased, plague-ridden vestiges of the Saudi Arabian filth, Wahhabist microbes and other takfeeri vermin reduced to a memory in this area.  Khaan Shaykhoon is still contested, but, we believe that it will liberated completely in 2 weeks.


Al-Salamiyya area:  This city is home to Syria’s important Ismaa’eeli Muslim (Sevener Shi’it) citizens.  10 Nusra rats departed this world for a long sojourn in Satan’s microwave yesterday thanks to the SAA and NDF as the rodents were trying to infiltrate into the town of Al-Sathiyyaat.  All the vermin were foreigners from Turkey, Chechnya and Arabia.  No names available. All carcasses were cremated on the spot.

Jannat Al-Quraa:  (The most heavenly of villages).  An attempted infiltration to Mahambil Town on the Latakia/Aleppo Highway right at the foot of Al-Zaawiya Mountain was a total flop as the SAA savaged the ranks of the reeking rats killing 17 of them:


Mahmoud Al-‘Areedhi

Shaaker Mahfoozh

‘Abdullah ‘Ali Barakaat

Zuhayr ‘Awadhallah

Noor Sayqal

The rest were all foreigners with invalid papers.

Al-‘Arshoona near Al-Salamiyya:  More apes went to their favorite banana plantation in Salafi Hell.  Wael estimates the number of dead terrorists at 13.  I have no details.

Heavy fighting here: Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan near the cork factory,  Rasm Miyaat, Al-Buwayti Village, Kafr Laataa, Bisaamis, Saraaqib, Hallooz (my deceased mother-in-law’s home village), Al-Tanjara, Sirmeen, Jabal Al-Arba’een area, Balshoon.

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