الجيش السوري يستهدف مواقع المسلحين بريف دمشق


Al-Shaykh Miskeen:  The SAA has established complete artillery control over the road between Nawaa and Al-Shaykh Miskeen.  The control is now so tight the rats have been complaining about festering carcasses they are unable to remove or bury.

A command-and-control nest run by Nusra was devastated last night by SAA killing in the process the Saudi rat leader:

Abu Hammaam Al-Jazraawi (Id pending. SAUDI ARABIAN MONKEY PILES)

When the Nusra vermin saw the writing on the wall, they decided to attack several SAA checkpoints in order to distract the main force liberating the city.  It didn’t work.  The group that carried out the attacks was called Kateebat Abu Al-Qiyam Al-Jawziyya whose leader died in the battle:

Hamza Mahmoud Al-Jaamoos (Leader)

Bassaam Ismaa’eel Al-Sahuw (Died in a Jordanian hospital at the hands of a Jordanteezian quack)

Zuhayr Fawzi Al-Ta’aani

Ahmad Naader Al-‘Abbaas

Muhammad Sulaymaan Kinaani (Already reported)



‘Itmaan:  At the Al-Beetaar Farms, the SAA killed 2 rodents.  No names.


Fighting reported in Al-Musayfira, Al-Jeeza, Daa’el.




I was mistaken about the Abu Dhuhoor AB and the Al-Haamidiyya Storage Base.  Both are in Idlib.  One of the readers, writing in German, was correct.  The report came to me with the note that it was in Hama.  I did not pay attention to the mistake. Sorry.  The siege has been lifted, in any case.

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