تدمير 3 عربات مزودة برشاشات ثقيلة.. الجيش السوري يتقدم في حقل حيان بريف تدمر

HOMS:  JUST CONFIRMED.  THE SYRIAN ARMY HAS RETAKEN ALL AREAS AROUND AL-SHAA’ER MOUNTAIN INCLUDING ALL OIL FIELDS.  As I write to you, the SAA is moving methodically into the area of the Hayyaan Field where ISIS is making its last stand before the extermination that is imminent.


Bombers are flying out of the Al-Tayfoor Airbase to shellac ISIS positions.  We can confirm the deaths of 22 rodents and the destruction of 3 pickups with 23mm cannons at Hajjaar Village.  Intercepted communications describe a hopeless situation with one Iraqi-accented vulture begging a commander in the Albukamaal area to send reinforcements “immediately or Assad’s kaafers will kill us all”.  Indeed.  For those of you who see a comparison to Tabqa AB, let me disabuse you now of any such hallucinations.  Be careful what you read in the propaganda-laden western media.

We can also confirm SAA presence now in Zamla Mountain (Al-Mahr Field) where an attempted infiltration toward Al-Rawdha Hills was intercepted and destroyed.  The rats fled to Zhuhoor Abu-Nakhla where 32 of them were killed by both SAA and SAAF.  All were non-Syrian ISIS.


Al-Rastan:  At the Sharkasi Palace, SAA attacked a pack of rodents and killed them all:

Muheeb Al-Haddaad

‘Abdu Jammaaliyya

The other 5 were not named.


West Al-Rastan Dam:  An attack on guards at the dam was repulsed. No details.


Dayr Fool:  The SAA pulverized a pickup with 23mm cannon that was moving toward Al-‘Aamiriyya.  No details.


Fighting reported here: Jibaab Hamad, Al-Tadmuriyya, Hawsh Hajju, South ‘Ayn Hussayn, Talbeesa, Al-Tayyiba, Khirbat Al-Duwaybi, Al-Mushrifa, NE Al-Mas’oodiyya.

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