DAMASCUS:  This just in.  Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa is the locus of choice for all terrorists escaping the newly-liberated area of Al-Dukhkhaaniyya.  These groups are almost exclusively the hybrid terrorist organization made up of ‘Alloosh’s Jaysh Al-Islam and the Ittihaad Al-Islaami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam‘Alloosh remains locked up in a spider hole in Al-‘Aaliya Farms awaiting certain death.  For the first time, we can reveal that Syrian MI has a special operations unit solely devoted to finding and killing this stinking, Saudi-supported rodent.  As we write, the fortifications in Waadi ‘Ayn Turma are being bolstered for no good reason.  The population there is down to almost nil and SAA artillery is going to have a field day bringing the heavens down on the rats who have already destroyed 80% of the town.  No one can come to help and their fate is black.

إعادة الأمن والاستقرار إلى حي الدخانية.. والجيش يباشر إزالة الألغام والعبوات الناسفة

Syrian infantrymen and NDF pose in front of the destruction brought on Al-Dukhkhaaniyya by the disease-carrying rats of ‘Alloosh and the so-called Islamic Union.





This province is the favorite haunt of 3 rat organizations:  Jabhat Al-Nusra, Ahraar Al-Shaam and Jund Al-Aqsaa.  J.N. has been all but kicked out of the eastern provinces like Dayr Al-Zor by ISIS.  Even Aleppo is no longer a welcoming venue as the SAA continues to mop up whole areas of the eastern side while completely surrounding this northern capital – strangling the rodents inside whose days are numbered.

Ma’ardibsa Farms:  The SAAF was alerted to a long convoy of Nusra rats moving in the direction of this village with a pickup and 23mm cannon in the lead.  Behind it were vans and cars carrying rodents.  The SAAF swooped in and made mincemeat of these traitors and mercenaries:

  • ‘Ali Hussayn Taahaa
  • Hammood Rahhaal
  • Raamiz Mahmoud
  • Ahmad Jamaal ‘Aashoor
  • Saamer ‘Abbood (rat leader)
  • Juma’a ‘Umar Al-Khateeb

The remaining 19 were not identified and are deemed foreign.


Abu Dhuhoor Airbase area:  The number of dead Nusra rodents is not known yet because the area remains too dangerous to reconnoiter.   Wael in Latakia has received reports that over 40 were killed 3 days ago as they tried, once again, to penetrate the perimeter.




Saraaqib:  Nusra and its allies wiped out in a major SAA offensive catching the rats off guard.  A Hellfire cannon, 17 mixed vehicles including 8 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed:

  • Ahmad Anwar Al-Muhammad
  • Tayseer Sammaa’ Al-Muhammad
  • Shareef A’waan
  • Shaamil Al-Ashqar
  • ‘Arfaan Mustafaa Jabboor
  • Mustafaa Mus’if Al-‘Umar
  • Faysal Karaama
  • Muhammad Al-Sibaa’iy

There were more carcasses which were not identified.


Al-Haaj/Qasr Al-Fanaar Road:  IEDs with between 15-25 kgs payloads in the Jabal Al-Arba’een area were dismantled expertly by SAA sappers.


Syrian Army

Al-Nayrab Town:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed and all 4 rodents atop and inside it killed.


Idlib-‘Ayn Shabeeb Road:  A group of terrorist vermin from Daghestan were killed here.  I have no further details.


Waadi Al-Dhayf:  8 rats killed.  A pickup with 23mm cannon, a bulldozer and several motorcycles destroyed or disabled.

  • Muhammad ‘Aql
  • Saati’ Abu-Al-Lutf
  • Muneer Qanboor
  • Ayman Ghazooli

The other 4 were foreigners without valid papers.


Al-Nahr Al-Abyadh:  Nusra bites the dust.  A large warehouse filled with useful ammunition and light weapons ideal for killing Saudi Wahhabist monkeys was uncovered.  5 rodents protecting the site were killed within 3 minutes by SAA snipers.  I have no names.


Kafr Haayaa Town:  In the Al-Zaawiya area.  SAA invaded a strongpoint held by Nusra rodents and killed 16.  A pickup with 23mm cannon was disabled in the firefight.  SANA reports many killed or wounded.  No details.


Upper Al-Kastan:  Near Jisr Al-Shughoor.  SAA killed 10 rodents and disabled a pickup with 23mm cannon. No names.


Lower Al-Kastan:  Same area.  Confirmed 13 skunks killed from Nusra.  A 57mm and a 23mm cannon were destroyed:

  • Ahmad Subhi Al-Khaleel
  • Ghaazi Al-Haffaar
  • Mahmoud Khudhr Al-Shaaweesh
  • Muqbil Zayd Muhammad
  • ‘Abdul-‘Azheem Salqeeni
  • Ja’afar Fareed Baqdoonis

The rest were not named.


Fighting reported in Shinaan, Khaan Shaykhoon, Al-Tamaani’ah (liberated), Tal-‘Aas, Kafr Jaalis Village, Al-Daanaa (details coming in about a huge loss to Nusra), Al-Habeet Village, Hazzaareen, Jarjanaaz, Kafr ‘Ayn.


مقتل عدد من إرهابيي



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