The SAA is approaching ‘Anadaan which will completely eliminate any avenues into this northern capital.  It will also result in the liberation of the two Shi’i enclaves of Al-Zahraa` and Nibbul.  It will spell the end of the American dream of splitting Syria in twain and establishing Aleppo as the capital of a rump state in the north.  Yesterday and today, the SAA hammered the Nusra rats and their allies in these areas:

Kafr Hamraa, ‘Anadaan, Al-Zurba, Al-Wudhayhi, Kafr Daa’el, Bi-Shantara, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Tal Qurraah, Al-Mallaah Properties,  Thermal Station, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, Greater Awram, Dayr Haafer, Rasm Hirmil, Qubtaan Al-Jabal, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Bustaan Al-Qasr, Al-Mash-had, Al-Sukkari, Al-Raamoosa, Bani Zayd.





New Al-Wa’er:  A Nusra nest was destroyed and these cockroaches dispatched:

“Abu Bakr Al-Asyad” (Id pending)

“Abu Bilaal Al-Hunaysh” (Id pending. Killed at Al-Arba’een Tower)


Al-Ghantu:  And attempted infiltration from Bayt Raabi’ah was disastrous for the rats.  17 killed and 5 taken prisoner.

Jihaad ‘Abdul-Samad

Mahmoud Al-Hallaaq

These were the only names received.  The rest are believed to be foreign.


Buyoot Al-Badu:  An attempted infiltration toward Jabbooreen failed and many rats killed. No details.


Jibaab Hamad Village:  Infiltration in the direction of Furuqlus at a checkpoint was repelled.


Hanoora Dam: Another encroachment by rats at a checkpoint was repulsed.  6 confirmed dead rats:

Muhammad Sursuq

Al-Sayyid Rahma

Nimr Al-Danaaneeri

No others were named.


Fighting at these locales: Tal Abu Sanaasil, Hasyaa` east of the Industrial Zone, ‘Ayn Hussayn, ‘Izzeddeen, Abu Jiryis, Kafr Naan, Taldu.



The SAA has been conducting very effective operations against the rats on the western side of city after demolishing the Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge about 3 weeks ago.  While the ISIS savages have vehicles, they do not have many which are amphibious – unlike the SAA which possesses mostly amphibious tanks, half-tracks, APCs and the like.  Under command of Maj. Gen. ‘Issaam Zahreddeen, the SAA is not only recovering from some setbacks 2 months ago, but, is also coming back with a vengeance.

Huwayjat Sakr:  The SAA has liberated this area and killed over 54 ISIS vermin.  I will get more details about this soon.


syrian 2


Al-Sinaa’ah in the City:  The SAA killed these:

Zakariyyaa Al-‘Abbooshi

Farhaan Busa’di

Faarook Hamdaan


Fighting reported here: Al-Huwayqa, Al-Jafra, Al-‘Alaaleesh

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