Al-Buwaydha:  The Syrian Army has now established complete control over this town as of dawn this day.  The citizens were not permitted to emerge from their homes to greet the army as SAA sappers and NDF scouts scoured the area for booby-trapped vehicles and mines.  It will be about 2 days before we can see the jubilation of the populace after the two-faced heretics of Nusra were thrown out like starving rats.  A command and control center with intelligence apparatus was destroyed.  Many IEDs had payloads between 20-70kgs.


Kafr Zaytaa:  3 vehicles, one a pickup with 23mm cannon, were destroyed.  14 cockroaches were counted dead:

  • Saleem Al-Shaykh
  • ‘Abdul-Khaaliq Abi-Farha
  • Mustafaa Ahmad

The rest were all foreigners.  3 carcasses were identified as Tunisian.


Al-Sayyaad Village:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons were disabled by NDF.  I have no details.


South Dukayla Village:  6 members of Nusra were gunned down by NDF and security after their nest was uncovered.  All of them were non-Syrian.


Al-Mawrek (Mork) to the north:  a pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed and 4 rats killed:

  • Hassaan ‘Ali Al-Raawiya
  • Muhammad Muhsin Al-Biqaa’iy

The other 2 were not identified.


Al-Lataamina:  This area is being prepared for abandonment by the Nusra rats inside. It will all depend on Col. Suhayl AlHassan’s orders.  2 cars with escaping rodents were destroyed by alert SAA and NDF.  I have no names.




syrian army

Jabal Al-Arba’een:  A renewed attempt by Nusra and its allies in Jaysh Al-Aqsaa to take the strategically important summit was annihilated as of 4 hours ago when SAA artillery devastated the lines set up by the terrorists followed by a ferocious counter-attack by the SAA that left 49 carcasses dotting the landscape and providing more fertilizer for the abundant pistachio trees famous in this area.  The terrorists will not be allowed to enjoy pistachios.


Ihsim:  To the south.  The SAA surrounded and crushed an attempt to infiltrate into this town.




Kafr Sijna:  Fighting with no details.  Wael reports the SAA repulsing another frontal attack by Nusra.


Khaan Shaykhoon:  It’s right in the crosshairs.  Fighting has started here to the west of the town.


Fighting also reported in Tal-Al-‘Aas and Taftanaaz.



Kick the Turks out of NATO.  John Esq. sends this sensible article worth reading:

Qatar must stop supporting terror.  We are calling for the liquidation of all members of the Al-Thaani family. Thanks to John Esq:

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Always be cautious about Syrian oil. It is isn’t much although the U.S. is making much of it:

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