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IDLIB:  Erdoghan’s terrorist government in Ankara insists there will be no use of the Incirlik AB unless the U.S. agrees to bomb the SAA and overthrow Dr. Assad’s democratically elected secular government.  Iranian-Turkish relations are strained to their limits now as American traitor and Turk-stooge, John McCain, fights for his political life in his home state of Arizona by demanding the U.S. bomb the SAA.  Nobody seems to care about the Bear who has warned all parties against such acts.  Let us all hope Obama can keep us out of WWIII.


Al-Shughur:  Near Jisr Al-Shughoor in the Waadi Al-Ghaab, the SAA destroyed a pickup truck with 23mm cannon.  These were identified:

  • Khaaled Halabi
  • Yahyaa Qassaab

Another was a foreigner who was not identified.


Al-Tayyibaat Village:  Another pickup was disabled by NDF as it tried to surprise the unit.  No names.


Heavy fighting in these areas:  Al-Waseeta, Tal Al-Sultaan area, Saraaqeb, Abu Al-Zhuhoor, Hameemaat Al-Daayer, Tal Salmu area, Kafr Roomaa, Binnish, Al-Rooj Plain, Qumaynaas, Hayloon, Kafr Laataa, Kooreen.




Al-Mawrek (Mork):  A pack of Nusra rodents was devastated by helicopter fire followed by SAA infantry.  Confirmed 11 rats killed and 6 taken prisoner for warbling.  No names.


Kafr Zaytaa:  A Chevy pickup armed with a 23mm cannon was destroyed and the 2 skunks aboard killed:

  • Saafi Barakaat

Al-Lataamina:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed by SAA with 1 mortar seized and delivered to the NDF for use in killing Saudi heretics.  No names.


Syrian Army clobbered the Nusra rats here: Tawtah, Jinni Al-‘Albaawi, East Al-Qastal, Aksh Village. 




Al-Mas’oodiyya:  An attempted infiltration was blocked by NDF and SAA.  4 rats confirmed killed.  No other details.


Jubb Al-Jarraah:  Another miserable attempted infiltration was blunted by alert SAA infantrymen with 2 rats killed and 3 taken prisoner.  The others escaped.


Al-Rastan:  A warehouse with weapons and ammunition was seized by SAA.  All contents to be distributed to NDF for killing Qatari heretics.


Al-Rastan:  Al Birr Hospital area saw the SAA assault a pack of dysfunctional rats near the Agricultural Bank just east of Al-Rastan City and east of the ravine.  11 rodents confirmed killed:

Rashaad Mur’ibi

‘Abdul-Quddoos Al-Faseeh

“Abu Al-Tha’lab” (Id pending)

Another 3 were foreign mercenaries.  5 were taken prisoner.


Al-Wa’er:  Lots of action here as the SAA prepares the final assault.  A warehouse with weapons and ammo seized.


Al-Wa’er:  At the Al-Ma’aaridh City and the 7th Block, the SAA invaded a nest of rodents and killed all 18 of them.  I have no names.


Al-Wa’er:  An attempted infiltration by escaping rodents into the Engineers’ Roundabout met with horrific results. The SAA killed 8 rats and wounded many more. I have no details.


Umm Al-Reesh:  A pickup truck with 23mm cannon destroyed.


Fighting reported here: Taldu, South ‘Ayn Hussayn, Waadi Al-Samarmarr, Mas’ada, Al-Zaara Village, ‘Unq Al-Hawaa, Umm Tuwayna.  In the last 3 villages in the eastern province, 16 vehicles reported destroyed by SAAF and a warehouse seized.  I have no more details.



John Esq. sends this enlivening video of an SAAF MiG29 baffling the rats below.  Great to watch:


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Watch Hilfaayaa’s inhabitants returning to a normal life after the SAA blew the rats out (Thanks, John, Esq.):


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