Jawbar: The Nusra freaks-of-nature, along with their Jaysh Al-Islam allies, are breaking in Jawbar.  Panicked communications indicate clearly that they are preparing for the worst.  No reinforcements are coming and no resupplies are possible after the SAA recently uncovered several tunnels used for that purpose.  Their hopes are for some help from a “friendly” country (read: The Zionist Settler State), but, that seems a bit far off now.

Last night, the SAA continued to advance in this area near the Al-Tayyiba Mosque by taking control of 4 city blocks.  In the fighting these skunks were killed:

  • Bilaal Shaykh Al-Qasseer
  • Haseeb Al-Ahmad
  • Qaassem Shattoor
  • ‘Abdul-Sattaar Al-Rifaa’iy
  • Muhyi-Al-Deen Al-Farraan

Another 11 were not identified.


‘Assaal Al-Ward andA Al-Jibba:  We can confirm the deaths of 62 Nusra rats attempting to break out of the Lebanon into Syria using unorthodox smuggling routes which are now so well guarded the efforts seem suicidal.  On the Lebanese side, the SAA has extensive networks of informants such that any substantial effort to mount an infiltration from ‘Arsaal is known within minutes.  I have heard that the SAA uses drones to confirm such operations in order to give troops and militiamen liaised with border security a good half-hour heads-up.  SAAF was called in to blunt the operation dead in its tracks as ground forces pounded the microbes into so many atoms.  No names are available as the area remains too dangerous to assess.  Rat carcasses are becoming a hygienic problem just like northern Latakia.


Irbeen:  At the Transportation Building, 6 rats killed:

  • Qutayba Katkoot (No! He wasn’t cute. Unless you find sewer rats adorable.)

Harastaa:  Within sight of the Police Infirmary:

  • Muzhaffar ‘Abdul-Salaam
  • ‘Issaam Kafaadar
  • Bilaal Al-Teenaawi


Al-Zabadaani:  NDF and former rival FSA turncoats killed these Nusra rats together:

  • Adnaan Baaseel Al-Daalaati
  • ‘Ali ‘Abdullah

Tal-Kurdi:  A nest of Nusra rodents went back to their progenitor, Satan:

  • “Abu Fidaa`” (Id pending)
  • Khaldoon Al-Taaher
  • Muhammad Mastu 
  • Wissaam Kuraydi
  • ‘Aamer Istablaji
  • ‘Umar Al-Hijja
  • Kareem ‘Ali Dawdah

Another 4 could not be identified.  Another 4 were taken prisoner and are warbling.


تضييق الخناق على الإرهابيين في جوبر وتدمير أوكار وسيارات لهم في جرود القلمون

Doumaa:  ’Alloosh can feel the insistent fingertips of our SAA stalwarts as they rummage around all the little cellars and spider holes where dirty stinking sewer rats hide. Near the Avicenna (Ibn Sina) Hospitat toward the northeast rural area, these carcasses were identified:

  • ‘Aamer Al-Kahloos
  • ‘Ammaar ‘Uyoon
  • Raateb Badraan


Fighting reported intense in these areas of the East Ghoutaa: Al-Jarbaa Farms, Al-Qaasimiyya Farms, Al-Bihaariyya Farms, Al-Bilaaliyya Farms.



تفكيك عدد من العبوات الناسفة على طريقي تدمر حمص وبغداد حمص

Palmyra – Homs Highway near the Shareefa Crossing:  Security Services acting on tips from locals identified and dismantled 5 IEDs with 30kg payloads and rigged for wireless remote control detonation.


Baghdaad – Homs Highway:  Security Services dismantled 8 IEDs with 20kg payloads near Qasr Al-Hayr West.


Talas Al-Rastan Road:  A truck loaded with weapons and ammunition under sacks of dried oats was detained by SAA at a checkpoint.  A search revealed the contraband.  The driver attempted to escape over farm land but was stopped rudely by an RPG rocket that killed him and his passenger.  No names.


Ruhoom Village:  An infiltration toward Jubb Al-Jarraah went wrong when the rats were spotted by local informants.  Very messy:

  • Shaakir Mustafaa
  • Muhammad Musallam
  • Ziyaad Abul-Haaj
  • Rafeeq Yilmaaz

Another 2 could not be identified.




Light skirmishing with some Nusra and ISIS hyenas here:  Kafr Laahaa, ‘Izzeddeen, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Umm Sahreej, Abu Hawaadeed, Rajm Al-Qassr Hills, ‘Ibb Al-Ghajar, Talbeesa.



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