I’m going to let you in on the joke.  “Ayn Al-‘Arab” means “Arab Spring”.  The word “spring” here, of course, refers to a water spring – not the season of Spring.  It’s also the place called Kobaani by the Kurds.  It’s the place that’s become famous for the recent ISIS assault on this city straddling the Syrian-Turk border.  Poor Kurds.  Their leaders are either wishy-washy wankers like Masoud Barzaani, whose only purpose in life appears to be pumping oil and hot air in Iraq’s northern Kurdistan; or convicts languishing on pristine island prisons famous for very limited accommodations and a dearth of wide-screen televisions, like Abdullah Ocalan.  It’s bad enough you can’t get anybody to acquiesce to your vision of a Kurdish nation state – but – imagine how exasperating it is when the only defenders of Kobaani happen to be the PKK, Kurdistan Workers’ Party – a militia designated “terrorist” by the USA and its allies, not to mention the malicious Erdoghani Turks.  What’s a Kurd to do when it’s terrorist vs. terrorist?

      Masoud Barzini (Ooops! I mean, Barzani, sorry) about to unleash a torrent of hot air for which he’s famous


Well, the Kurds are doing, as always, everything they shouldn’t.  They are demanding increased and more effective U.S. air strikes against ISIS which is, evidently, already inside Kobaani.  They are also demanding assistance from Turkey. Ha. Ha. What a joke!  The same Turkey, by the way, which views the creation of a Kurdish state on the same plain as the devolution of earthly existence into the tightening sphincter of oblivion.  And, the U.S. is loath to help a group it views as “terrorist” to defeat another “terrorist” group.  Forget the Turks! What’s a Yank to do?

The Kurds think just like Palestinians.  There are similarities.  Both are Third World peoples bent on outstripping the Jews for the Most Victimized People Award.  And, just like the Jews, but, less successfully, they are determined to win their award through the good offices of NATO, the U.S.A. and all the other nogoodniks who spend their waking hours concocting ways to frustrate their hopes, dash their dreams, squelch their aspirations and – (a big “AND” here) – all the while currying favor with the well-heeled Jews of North America and Europe.

The Kurds of Syria have for many decades fought a losing battle for Syrian citizenship.  They were finally granted citizenship by Dr. Assad.  Do you think they would liaise with the Syrian Army in order to blunt the ISIS assault?  No!  That would be too easy.  Do you think they would have figured out, by now, that Erdoghan’s overtures to them were merely a stratagem to secure their marginalization as he continued his criminal aggression against Syria?  No.  That would be too simple to work out intellectually.  (Aren’t the Turks supposed to be stupid, anyways?)  Do you think they might connect with both Iran and Russia to see if those two countries might give more sincere assistance in the fight against a sociopathic movement like ISIS which was created, in the first place, by NATO, the U.S. and its simian allies in Arabia and Qatar? No. That too, would be too facile.

Iran and Russia?  It’s a fact that Kurds speak a language derived from Farsi.  While many Kurds were forced to learn Turkish in order to earn their place in the vacuous traditions of Central Asian hordes who made their way into Hellenic and Armenian Anatolia, they mostly have no difficulty adjusting to Farsi with many of their luminaries, like Hoshyar Zibari, speaking it fluently.  The Persians don’t oppress Kurds. The Persians don’t deny Kurds the right to broadcast in their language or teach it in their own schools.  Yet, like the Palestinians, Kurds continually gravitate to the grittier side of the tracks.

Russia? Former Soviet Union. It’s no secret the PKK is left-leaning, socialistic and, even, communist.  True. Russia has left that particular kind of scientific socialism in order to better the life of the average Russian through cut-throat capitalistic practices and Dickensian/Malthusian sociology.  But, at the very least, Russia is connected to communist China – another also-ran which switched gender to become an “economic powerhouse”.  While it’s hard to reconcile the former personalities of these two powerful members of the U.N.S.C., it’s not hard to figure that they might have fewer misgivings about helping the downtrodden Kurds to fend off a grotesque population of murdering rodents like those of ISIS since they too face similar fanatics in their own lands, e.g. Chechens and Uighers.

Mesut Kiryilan, who heads the PKK, has to take the dilemma by the horns and do the following:  he must reduce Abdullah Ocalan to the status of an aging and pitiful mafia boss who will never see the light of day as he lounges in his cell on Imrali Island. Kiryilan must never forget that Ocalan ordered the assassination of Sakine Cansiz in Paris with the help of both Erdoghan and Hollande.  He ordered her killed because she was about to reveal, in Germany, Ocalan’s collusion in a plan to emasculate the Kurdish Liberation Movement.  Don’t forget, Ocalan’s mother was a Turk – or so he told his Turk captors as he was spirited out of Africa to face charges in Ankara.

I don’t want to sound caustic and cynical.  I don’t want to seem heartless.  I feel for Palestinians (my mother was born in Jaffa, Palestine) and I have lived with their tragedy all of my life.  Yet, whenever I have to sit down and think of how these victimized peoples conduct their affairs, whether socially, politically or economically, and I learn they continually select the most inapt solutions for their problems – how they befriend those who are most inimical to their aspirations – or how they develop societies based on corruption and open embezzlement – how they accept the kakocracies which they helped to found and how they erect sacred images of those same degenerates who have cheated and misled them for decades —-I have no sympathy for them.  When I think of Mahmoud ‘Abbaas leading the Palestinians, like sheep, to the slaughterhouse where the butchers are the European Jews who also went to their own Konzentrazionlagern in another time, or of the Kurds facing extinction because they relied on their own Quislings, I can only shrug my shoulders, fasten my coat buttons, and wait for the end of the “Arab Spring”. ZAF



John Esq. sends this video which he thinks is the best history of ISIS and its origins:

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