CONFIRMED:  The Syrian Army blasted its way into the village of Handaraat where for months the rat hordes of Nusra were oppressing the citizens there with their curiously sex-driven and deviant form of Islam.  Now, the main supply route used by the rats into Aleppo City has been closed fully and finally.  More and more rodents from Nusra are escaping toward Al-Hasaka in order to join up with ISIS leaving all their weapons and evidence of Saudi/Turk collusion behind.  And here’s the best news yet, hundreds of terrorist rodents are left behind in the city unable to escape the Full Nelson the SAA is imposing on the much weakened vermin in Bani Zayd, Al-Layramoon and Al-Raashideen.  Death awaits the rats in Aleppo and vengeance is best when served up very cold.


But, it’s get even better; the SAA has driven a stake through the heart of the vulture Arabian media services by crushing the rats also at Sayfaat (liberated) and Al-Zaytoon Roundabout.  The road into Aleppo is hermetically sealed.  You should see the rodents hurrying to escape inevitable death – abandoning their stinking rat litter-mates inside the northern capital – as NDF pours into the areas of Al-Raashideen hunting for the plague-carrying, grotesque, crawling sewer filth infesting those areas.


Syrian Army

(Photo: Almanar)

Heavy fighting going on now at Tal Rif’aat, Kafr Hamraa and Al-Mansoora.  Watch Huraytaan carefully as the SAA is moving to demolish the remnant rodents there.  Word from my wife’s nephews in Aleppo City is that the business of getting on with life is improving markedly as supplies needed to sustain a modicum of comfort are flowing in by truck as more and more Aleppans return from exile in the Latakia area.




Al-Mishtaayaa in Tal Kalakh:  Security Services arrested 21 rodents who had been planning to plant IEDs on roads frequented by civilians.  I was informed that there were enough Captagon tablets to get all Tanzania’s Elephant population into the Ozone Layer.  5 rats were killed at a house in Waadi Nadhaara which acted as a command-and-control center.  Inside that home were 11 IEDs.  The 5 rodents were identified:

  • Maazen Jawhar
  • Qays Zaydaan
  • Mu’tassem Harb
  • Mahmoud Zarzoor
  • Ja’afar Qassaab


Al-Numoodhajiyya:  In the Palmyra area.  SAA clobbered a group of ISIS rodents. I have no details.


Fighting reported here yesterday: Al-Tadmuriyya near Al-Furuqlus, Tallat Al-Rastan, ‘Ibb Al-Ghajar, Ruhoom, South Mas’ada, Mushrifa, Al-Wa’er, Al-Sama’leel, Dayr Salaam, Al-Hilaaliyya Farms south of Umm Sharshooh, West Tal Al-Baashaa




Zahraan ‘Alloosh is finished.  His Saudi-controlled rat gang of scum and cesspool denizens has gone to Hell.  Unless he can find some tunnel 20 kms long, he will be killed very soon.  There is no desire on the part of our army to take him prisoner.  He must go straight to Hell.  And he knows it.  His pleas for aid are unanswered and his comrades are leaving his sinking ship like fly larvae on a floating rat merd.  The MI continually monitors his communications (now always by unsecure means) as he contacts his handlers in Jordan, inevitably Saudi monkeys,  begging for some relief which he cannot have.  The Syrian government continues to refuse Saudi demands for the return of their stinking ape spies caught by our security services in Syria.  If we won’t release them, do you believe ‘Alloosh will do any better?




Global Research asks an important question:


Cameron is beginning to sound more and more like Erdoghan:



Note to readers:  I will not be posting on Saturday because I’ll be out of town.  I will post on Sunday all information I gather for the 2 days.  I am working on an article analyzing the Turkish factor and will get it to print as soon as possible. All of you – have a great weekend. Ziad

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