تدمير وكر لإرهابيي



West ‘Itmaan:  Rats attempted an infiltration into an area controlled by an SAA surveillance unit.  It was repelled and all rats killed:


Tal Al-Khudhr:  SAA artillery laid waste to a rat nest and confirmed the death of 5 rodents:

  • Salmaan Mahmoud Jamaaleddeen
  • Ahmad Zayn Khaleefa
  • Bashshaar Muhammad ‘Awn

The other 2 were foreign with forged papers.


Northeast of Al-Yaadoodaa:  A pickup with both a 23mm cannon and boxes of ammunition was destroyed.  2 rats were confirmed killed.


Dayr Al-‘Adas:  Fighting with no details.


Umm Al-‘Awsaj: Under complete SAA control for months.  SAA has a firefight with Nusra here on the south side.




Nawaa:  A group affiliated with Nusra calling itself “Abaabeel Hawraan” was annihilated by SAA yesterday.  The word “abaabeel” refers to “flocks” of birds.  It is well known for its mention in the Sura of the Elephant (CV/33) when it is said Allah destroyed the army of pachyderms by sending flocks of birds carrying mud bricks (sijjeel) and turning the army into a field of dried straw.  Well, how the tables have turned because 2 days ago Allah turned the Nusra group into such a field.  Note also that the word “sijjeel” has been used by Iran to name one of its advanced ground-to-ground missiles.


Al-Shaykh Miskeen (var: Shmiskeen):  A warehouse with weapons and ammo was invaded by SAA.  10 reported rat carcasses were left behind. All confiscated materiel will be distributed to NDF for use in killing Saudi Arabian monkeys.

  • ‘Assaaf Barhoomi
  • Fu`aad Al-Sareeh
  • Abu Baraa`” (Id pending)

The others were not named and are believed to be mostly foreign.


Fighting reported here also: Al-Jeeza, Al-Tayyiba, East Al-Karak, Ibtah.  


Note to readers:  I will be gone for 2 days and will return on Saturday.  I will be interviewed on Saturday by Dr. Rick Staggenborg for 2 hours on the situation in Syria.  Unlike Robert Fisk (see below), I will not be interviewing imaginary generals.



If you want to know why Robert Fisk will be nominated for Liar of the Year 2014, get a look at this made up interview worthy of Mercury News Service.  It never happened.  He is becoming pathetic.  No 70 officers were beheaded.  That is confirmed.  Don’t you love it when the general has no name?:–and-his-countrys-awkward-relationship-with-their-alliesbydefault-9826846.html

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