مقتل عدد كبير من إرهابيي


There is a lot of reader interest in the frontal attack on the city of Idlib.  This entire story was coordinated with MI6 in England which gave rags like the “Independent” a “heads up” before the attack even took place causing suspicious characters like Robert Fisk to publish embarrassing falsehoods similar to those of the SOHR or “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”.  What MI6 didn’t tell the Independent was that the attack was anything but a “surprise”.  Syrian MI had prior knowledge of the attack with its details through a complex network of informants, spotters, telecom intercepts and, most importantly, Russian satellite Intel.  The nature of the attack contained nothing new.  Suicide drivers are a boring adjunct to any Jihadist assault – they go up in a ball of fire – get nebulized and wake up in Hell.  It’s as simple as that.  3 suicide drivers went exactly that route trying to open a pathway into the city.

SyrPer can assure all readers this plan was drawn up by British and Turkish military “geniuses” who consider the lives of their pet rats to be as important as used tea bags.  The Brits are entranced by suicide bombers unless and until they fly back to Albion and start climbing up and down the White Cliffs of Dover.  From the very beginning, it was Cameron who  insisted on giving the Jihadists every facility imaginable in order to oust the legitimate sitting government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  Nothing has changed except the attitude of the British citizenry as reflected by the House of Commons.

First of all, the propaganda has become stifling and humiliating for the rodent western media.  There were no beheadings of 70 SAA officers which the British press was quick to report based on nothing more than the usual tendentious alerts from Raami Abdul-Rahmaan who has no sources inside Syria.  This is quite suspicious to us here at SyrPer because it is as though the Brits planned to have their rats behead the SAA officers who fell into their clutches.  The Brits are getting very good at staging beheadings.

The attack was three-pronged and came from different directions, each led by a suicide truck driver.  Inside the city were some insurgent cells hidden within safehouses owned by Islamist sympathizers whose fate was sealed yesterday when MI officers gathered them together for eventual trial on charges of treason, aiding terrorism and complicity in murder.  The sleeper cells were broken up and all members either arrested or killed.  Here are some of the names we have been able to gather:

  • Arshad ‘Ulabi
  • Mahmoud Sarsar
  • Zuhayr Al-Kishik
  • Naseeb Hamad
  • Ghiyaath Muhammad Al-Saraaqibi
  • Riyaadh Al-Sayyid Na’noo’

I have no other names.


One cell was reported by Almasdar to be made up of 5 people, a woman and 4 men.  They surrendered and are subject to the full impact of Syria’s no-nonsense anti-terrorism laws.

The attack started just before dawn, October 27, 2014, at around 5:45 a.m. Damascus time.  The entire Syrian Army and a huge complement of National Defense Forces including Ba’ath Party militiamen and hundreds of security agents were ready.  Officers had already prepared the troops.  Amazingly, the insurgent cells inside Idlib did not pass this fact on to the attackers. We know this because SAA-MI drew a bead on these vermin and listened in to their communications.  That they failed to warn their own stinking skunk litter-mates is testimony to the joint incompetence of Nusra’s leaders, Turkish and British terrorist enablers and all derelict characters involved in the media war against Syria.

قتل وكواتم واختطاف.. جماعة

One attack came from the direction of Al-Mastoumaa to the south at the Al-Ashqar checkpoint which was overpowered by Nusra and Jund Al-Aqsaa rodents riding on mostly pickup trucks with 23mm cannons.  The forces at the checkpoint were kept deliberately minimal because field commanders knew that the terrorists had to believe their attack would be a surprise and the skeletal force had to be extremely small and mobile.  It worked perfectly.


The three-pronged attack almost succeeded in entering the city.  They were lucky they didn’t because inside were over 30,000 combined forces defending.  As it turned out,  the SAA killed over 100 rats and sent them scurrying back toward Turkey to reassess whether this hurly-burly is worth it all.


syrian army

Other rat leaders killed in the attack on Idlib were:

  • ‘Abdullah Abu-Haleema (JORDANTEEZIAN MONKEY PIMP)
  • “Abu-Muhannad” (PALESTEEZIAN POOF AND POWDERPUFF.  Id pending)
  • ‘Abdul-Naasser Barakaat (a/k/a “Abu ‘Umar Al-Ansaari)
  • Abu-Al-Waleed Al-Leebi (LIBYAN ANCHOVY VOMIT. Id pending)
  • ‘Abdul-Hakeem Muhammad
  • ‘Abdul-Lateef Muhammad Hijaazi


34 rats were taken prisoner and are helping to identify some of the fertilizer bags strewn around the city.


Analysis:  The attacks on Jabal Al-Arba’een, which failed miserably last week, and the impending fall of Mork to the SAA played a role in the decision to try and recapture territory as valuable as a provincial capital.  What the inept British did not seem to take into consideration was the huge build-up of SAA forces in Idlib over the last few months in anticipation of a push through Binnish in order to hook up with the forces defending Aleppo.  The Brits thought they could slow down the momentum by occupying a capital as important as Idlib.  Once again, this is proof that the English are still stubborn, but increasingly clumsy and amoral.


South Ihsim, Kafr Sijnaa, Al-Habeet, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, Khaneesh, Qumaynaas, Ma’arrat-Massreen, Kafr Nubl, all saw action yesterday and today.





Al-Buwaydha:  Just liberated, as we reported.  More details about tunnels and Captagon.  As of this writing, the SAA has uncovered over 100 IEDs and mines planted all over this area.  Light weapons were very abundant and had evidence of being supplied by Turkey and the Gulf duchies of detritus.  Besides light ammunition, food with Turkish labels and boxes of Captagon from the UAE were also discovered inside well-lighted tunnels which are displayed in this post.





تفكيك شبكة معقدة من الألغام.. هكذا سيطر الجيش السوري على بلدة البويضة في ريف حماة



 Syria’s finest strolling down the street of a liberated Al-Buwaydha.




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