شعار الجيش العري السوري

The Ba’ath Party has now made it official: MORK IS LIBERATED COMPLETELY except for some areas where the SAA is still combing and where hand-to-hand combat is taking place.  The remnant rodents of Nusra are mostly foreign now with all  Syrian citizen terrorists surrendering or escaping through treacherous corridors appropriate for rats.  The area is surrounded, so, we don’t expect many to successfully evade arrest or death.

The SAA is already heading for the Khaan Shaykhoon area amid the tumult of citizen jubilation at being freed of the menacing Wahhabist stranglehold these filthy ape heretics imposed on the town.  We are that much closer now to completely clearing the International Highway.  SYRPER WAS THE ONLY PUBLICATION WHICH ACCURATELY PREDICTED THE FALL OF THE TOWN WITHIN TIME LIMITS.  OUR COMPLIMENTS TO THE SAA AND COLONEL SUHAYL AL-HASSAN. 


The SAA engineers are now searching for all IEDs and mines planted by the escaping rodents.  It will be 2-3 days before the area will be declared completely safe by the MoD.

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