Syrian Perspective responds formally to demands by terrorist supporting organizations and paid propagandists like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, including some “Syrian” groups committed to rendering Syria into a failed state.  They are calling for the immediate release of three (3) vile traitors and spies by the names of: MAAZEN DARWEESH, HUSSAYN GHURAYR and HAANI ZAYTAANI. We at SyrPer are calling for their full prosecution under more detailed indictments.  They are presently charged with “glorifying and publicizing terrorist acts”.  But, as the Syrian Security Services know all too well, they have also been feeding foreign media with propaganda designed to strengthen the morale of the Takfiri groups funded by the Arabians of KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and the rest of the simian trash populating that god-forsaken stretch of desert shaped in the mold of an old, smelly boot.

Syrian Perspective demands that the Syrian government indict these traitors and spies with the following additional charges:

1.  Spreading false information whose purpose is to weaken the psychological resolve of the nation”;

نشر أنباء كاذبة من شأنها أن توهن نفسية الأمة

2.  Attempting to weaken nationalist sympathies;

أضعاف الشعور القومي

3. Disturbing good relations with other nations.

تعكير صفوة العلاقات مع دولة اجنبية

Besides these charges, they should also face charges of sedition and espionage related to their never-ending efforts to promote the terrorist agenda by funneling false information to foreign terrorist-supporting groups like HRW and AI, not to mention also SOHR and other propaganda networks.  It is time these traitors faced the full fury of Syrian law inasmuch as the government has been far too lenient with miscreants and felons in the past.  It is a fact that most of the Syrian “opposition” members living in Europe and North America are themselves convicted felons who were released far too early.

Once found guilty, they must be incarcerated for life with no chance of parole, amnesty, clemency or review.


Darweesh won’t be smiling when the noose is around his neck for treason.

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