AL-RAQQA: You must have heard the news.  I have awakened to a plethora of reports, some here on my desk from our sources, confirming a sudden up-tick in sorties conducted by the SAAF.  Yesterday, the SAAF flew 19 sorties over Al-Raqqa killing an estimated 125 Wahhabist rats belonging to ISIS.  Over Al-Bukamaal on the Iraqi border, the SAA ran 4 sorties out of the Dayr El-Zor Airbase.

The SAAF delivered devastating blows to a training camp run by ISIS in Al-Raqqa and pulverized a building used for conducting the affairs of the “Canonical Court”.  A confirmed 56 rats were killed in that attack alone.

All we can disclose is that SAAF’s upgraded Sukhoi 24s and 25s are packing some new missile technology enabling these powerhouses to fire more accurately and with greater lethality than before.  ISIS has obtained some Manpads from both the Iraqi army and the Turkish military, but, their missiles are limited in range and cannot acquire fast-moving jets at high altitudes.  ISIS is lacking detection equipment of any value such that SAAF jets can appear out of nowhere, invisible to the naked eye on the ground, and pummel the enemy only to be off before he can reach for an anti-aircraft launcher.

Several sorties were reported also over Al-Mayaadeen City.  This is the same town where FSA fantast and military buffoon, Riyaadh Al-As’ad, lost his first leg.  His injury led to SyrPer’s award of “The Long John Silver Peg-Legged Man of the Year” to him.  Al-Mayaadeen used to be controlled by his own people until Nusra and, then, ISIS evicted them.



Radioyaran, now in his Dr. Jekyll mood, sends this excellent analysis of the lies spewed out by the western media about the early days of the Syrian insurgency.  Although I have posted some of the articles referred to in this piece, it remains a must-read for people interested in the origins of the mess:

John Esq. sends another Lew Rockwell article that shows how a desperate NATO is paving the way for the end of the world:

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