DAYR EL-ZOR:  The Syrian Army at Dayr El-Zor, under command of Maj. General ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen, has pulled off a spectacular tactical coup against the congregating rats of American-created ISIS by destroying their one last avenue to the west bank of the Euphrates.  With the Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge now out of commission, Obama’s rodents will have to either swim or ride unsound wooden boats across the river making them a particularly attractive target for the hundreds of marksmen at the D.Z. Army base.  In the meantime, SyrPer has learned that a major air assault is being prepared at the airbase with newer and enhanced bombers flying in without interruption.  As a note, the Nusra rats who pre-existed ISIS in Dayr El-Zor had already blown up the suspension bridge just northwest of the Al-Siyaasiyya making the job all that much easier now for the SAA.


I am informed that the decision to blow up the Al-Siyaasiyya was a difficult one because the government in Damascus wants to maintain and preserve infrastructure; however, drone surveillance and Intel from allies indicated clearly that the ISIS rats were planning a huge military operation at night to push thousands of their rodents into the west bank for the assault on the D.Z. Army base and airbase.  This cannot happen any longer.

The destruction of the bridge to trap the ISIS terrorists on the east bank was also motivated by a fear that the U.S. would bomb SAA positions in order to help ISIS to assault the DZ airbase and, especially,  Syria’s dense anti-aircraft missile network around the base.  A decision has been made in Damascus to fire at all intruding American bombers even if they are supposedly attacking ISIS positions for the reason that the U.S. would be violating international law by not coordinating its movements with the legitimate government that sits at the U.N. and is represented by Dr. Bashshaar Al-Ja’afari.  There are some readers who have suggested that the U.S. is secretly helping the SAA.  This is apparently not so.  Obama continues to follow the dictates of his Zionist masters.

Citizens of Day El-Zor leave the city over the Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge after threats from Obama’s terrorists


Al-Huwayqa Quarter:  The SAA has now cut off the supply lines to ISIS inside the city by destroying a larger-than-usual terrorist base.  The SAA blew up 8 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons and killed an estimated 25 Obama rats.


Al-Jubayla and Nuzlat Al-Rudaysaat:  Tunnels with equipment and food were uncovered and destroyed.  All equipment inside the tunnels came from Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  The Iraqi equipment was clearly army issue and probably seized during the assault on Mosul.


Al-Mayaadeen:  The SAA destroyed an entire nest of Obama ISIS rats at the Industrial Vocational Secondary School.


Mu-Hassan:  23 confirmed dead Obama ISIS rats in a stunning proactive SAA assault at dawn today.  No names.



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