عشرات القتلى من إرهابيي

DAMASCUS:  The Nusra and ISIS terrorists now trapped on the border with Lebanon and Syria are desperate to escape the daily torment of being hunted down by the Lebanese Army and Hizbollah.  Yesterday, in another suicidal effort that can only be described as pure insanity, the rats tried to break the SAA defenses set up at Faaleetaa and lost 92 of their rodents to the tactical brilliance and unrelenting air and ground fire from the legitimate government of Syria.  Most of the rats were killed in an ambush set by the SAA SF based out of Al-Qutayfa.  They rigged hundreds of IEDs.  Many of you will not believe this, but the IEDs were largely manufactured by the rats themselves!  That’s right, all those reports in SyrPer about SAA sappers dismantling IEDs laid by rats have proven to be, not only correct, but proof positive of the thriftiness of our armed forces.  Instead of wasting such products of hard work in the profession of terrorism, the SAA recycled the material and used them against the manufacturers.  Hoisted by their own petard, so to speak.



مقتل عشرات الإرهابيين وتدمير أنفاق وقطع خطوط إمداد لهم في دير الزور

The majority of the rodents were foreigners from Libya, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.  Here are the only names of rats carrying Syrian papers:

  • Jaaber Al-Haaj-Ahmad
  • Muhammad Seedu
  • Muheeb Rajab
  • ‘Abdul-Qaader Sawfaan
  • Ghassaan Jameel
  • Fawzi Al-‘Arab
  • Zaaher Qatrooni
  • Zhaafer Hamdaan
  • Kaayed Muhammad



From John Esq, a nice article by our hero, Pat Buchanan, the future president of the U.S.:

Another sent by John Esq. This time a real tongue lashing from the Lew Rockwell group:

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