AL-HASAKA: To prove to you ISIS can’t hold on to territory, the SAA snuffed them out in a whole series of towns and villages to the south of Qamishly, heralding the start of Syria’s renewed push to eject all Turk-supported filth from the northern regions.  Yesterday, while the rats were feeding on purloined Kashkeval cheese, the SAA struck them hard here and sent them crawling back to some nitre-filled hole in Erdoghan’s home town:

Tal-Shareesha:  Completely deloused.


Lesser, Middle and Greater Sharmookh:  The SAA destroyed 13 Chevy and Toyota pickup trucks with 23mm cannons here.  The SAAF played a major role in creating the twisted art work that is the hallmark of ISIS.  Wael reported that the SAA assessed the scene and counted 54 rodents killed with 13 taken prisoner.  All were foreigners.


Sharmookh Kalb:  All farms here also liberated.


Al-Haara, Al-Qibya, Al-‘Uwayna, Tal Al-Ruhba, all completely rat-free.


Qubayhat Al-Mataasheer:  21 ISIS rodents bite the dust.


Lesser Al-Haajiyya:  Completely liberated.  Inhabitants reportedly came out and started kissing soldiers boots in gratitude.


Al-Sadda, Greater and Lesser Rahiyya, all liberated completely.



Penny reports about Zionism’s newest disappointment since their big splash in Gaza:

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