A unit of the Syrian armed forces takes position during a patrol near Al-Manashir roundabout in Jobar in the outskirts of Damascus on July 14, 2013.

(Photo: Alalam.  SAA pose in Jawbar on July 14, 2014)

FAALEETAA:  SyrPer is delighted to report the death of Maalek Al-Tall, a commander of the Nusra rats, near Faaleetaa in the Qalamoon Mountains.  He is implicated in the abduction of the 13 nuns last year from the ancient town of Ma’loolaa near Damascus.  He was blown apart by SAA artillery, according to reports sent to us.


Al-Tal seen here blowing “Gideon’s Saxophone” just before the SAA sent him straight to the Angel of Light in Hell.

JAWBAR:  For the 6th continuous day, the SAAF and SAA artillery spat out a torrent of fire at crouching, hiding, terrified plague-carrying rodents in the inhabited quarters of this suburb.  It is obvious that the army wants to finish the job even if it means serious destruction to infrastructure and residences.  It is estimated that the rats have only a few days left before they have to surrender, their situation being utterly untenable with no hope for reinforcements or a change on the ground.  Das Ende.



ISIS and Nusra are vying for bragging rights here.  Each wants to have an airbase although the SAAF has many all over Syria.

Waadi Al-Dhayf:  Boring but insistent efforts to breach the base have met with consistent failures and loss of rat lives.  Once again, we must thank Nusra for providing so many bags of fertilizer for the fecund soil surrounding the airbase.

Waadi Al-Dhayf and Al-Haamidiyya military bases:  3 armored pickup trucks went up like sparklers in the night after the SAA fired Kornets at them hundreds of meters outside the perimeters of the bases.  Better planning is not a part of the Jihadist way of thinking.

North Abu Dhuhoor Airbase:  38 IEDs defanged by expert SAA engineers, some having between 50-100 kgs of payload and capable of remote detonation.


Tal Salmu southwest of the Abu Dhuhoor Airbase:  40+ IEDs are dismantled with 80kgs of explosives capable of remote detonation.

Idlib-Haarem Road:  A warehouse with weapons, ammo and rats was invaded by SAA. Inside were found propane tanks fitted for explosion.  SAA also destroyed during the raid 1 armored truck and 2 pickups with 23mm cannons aboard.

Ghassaan Mir’iy

Hussayn Shammoot

The other 24 killed were not identified and are determined to be foreign.

Al-Muqbila Village:  SAA cleaned out this town two days ago:

Ahmad Hameed Ghandoor (Rat leader killed trying to abandon his flock of vultures)

Kafr Roomaa:  More misery for rats courtesy of the SAA:

Muhammad Al-Jabs

Hassan Darkaawi

‘Abduh Naqqoor

Mustafaa Waseela

Faadi ‘Adnaan Al-Jibaawi

Khaaled ‘Abdul-Haleem

Another 4 could not be identified.

Fighting reported intense in these areas:  Saraaqeb/’Aafiss south of the Youth Housing north of Conserva, Sarja (many rats killed), Bizza Farms, SyriaTel Towers, ‘Ayn Quray’, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan (many rats killed), Ma’ar Shamsha, Shaqla (reported disaster for ISIS), Nahlayyaa, Jabal Arba’een area, Binnish, Qumaynaas, Kooreen (big nest of rats), Al-Hameediyya, Kafr Shalaayaa, between Bayda-Shamsu in the direction of Muhambal Town.



Dr. Rick Staggenborg discusses the mind manipulation of the public through theories of conspiracy:


Sit back and laugh at Hillary as her chances for a presidential bid go down the tube with reports like this linking her to ISIS:


Read this and feel shame that the American people continue to vote for pedigree scum like Menendez and Booker:


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